I think we take the art of communication for granted. It’s getting harder and harder for Rory because he is learning more and more about the world, his needs and wants and he cannot chat to us about it.

Yesterday I wrote about him trying to tell us he was hungry when he was at nursery. He was tapping his tummy, trying to leave the room to get to the lunch, tugging at his bag and even standing behind the chair at the snack table and I knew exactly what he wanted, but I couldn’t explain to him that it wasn’t time yet, and because he wasn’t getting his lunch, he was getting frustrated because he couldn’t just say ‘I’m hungry, I want my lunch’ and so he got upset, which is difficult.

Today, he woke up and he looked so tired. He didn’t seem himself and he didn’t eat his breakfast and usually A&R stock pile at breakfast. So it really wasn’t like him. I got them dressed, again it was Austin requiring the bribes, but Rory was fine. Well, fine when he put his wellies on, he still wasn’t up for the shoes. I toasted a Pitta for him to eat in the car on the way to nursery.

We called to let Uncle Craig & Uncle Calum’s chickens out….

And then we went to nursery. We walked so beautifully into the playground, Austin singing away.

Rory with his breakfast in his hand and his wellies on. Not a care in the world.

He went in fine. They both did. And I left them for the day with Claire and Jaime.

I called late morning to check they were settled and it appeared they were.

Upon collecting Rory, the staff said he had been sad this afternoon. And so we set off as to find out why. Which is difficult when Rory doesn’t communicate.

He didn’t eat his lunch because Austin went to give him a cuddle and they fell and he was sad about that. So maybe he was hungry. He did sit and have his lunch later on, so he obviously was still hungry, but was that why he was sad?

He ate his pitta but it wasn’t toasted, was he sad about that? He didn’t want his apple and he loves apple, but is it because it wasn’t chopped up ready? Who knows!

He had a very wet nappy because he had been drinking lots of milk and water and he took it off himself because it was so heavy. But he couldn’t tell anyone he wanted a change. Is that why he was sad?

He was holding his tummy and trumping, did he have tummy ache?

He was crying real tears and real snot was coming down his real nose and so needed more suction which will have annoyed him and so that won’t have helped.

It is just so difficult when he can’t tell you. As Mum and Dad we have learned to understand and appreciate his gestures and routine and pre-empt many of his needs. Austin is a huge support too.

It just really makes you realise how important communication is and how many behaviours come as a result of frustration and anger at not being able to express himself.

We aren’t in nursery tomorrow because we have a hospital appointment in the morning and a visit from the new nursery in the afternoon. Big day. Lots of nerves. And that’s just Mum.

Tucked up in bed – night!

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