Lockdown Birthday

It wasn’t the birthday we are used to and it wasn’t the birthday we planned either, but we had a blast anyway!

This year will always be the year the world was in lockdown on our birthday and we partied with our loved ones through the playroom window.

Mum and Dad had planned a birthday party at a local soft play centre after hours, just us and our friends, in our PJs, the place to ourselves with cookies and milk. Unfortunately it couldn’t happen.

Mum and Dad had planned for us an awesome new playhouse for the garden from Garden Shed UK, but that couldn’t happen and so they panic bought online instead and lots of it didn’t arrive in time. But who cares. It isn’t the ‘things’ that makes a birthday special, it’s the people. But we couldn’t really have them either.

Last night, when we were in bed, Mum and a Dad set to work decorating the house. Thankfully they still had all of the decorations from our parties the last few years. So we recycled, because it was safer than going shopping for party decorations, which to be frank aren’t essential items.

This morning we came downstairs to lots of balloons. We couldn’t wait to eat chocolate and sweets for breakfast and play with the new toys.

Then Auntie Mandy & Auntie Chloe surprised us. They left some presents on the doorstep and spoke to us through the window. When they had gone, Mummy cleaned the presents and let us open them. We were super excited for more presents.

Then Jaime arrived. She asked for the blinds to be closed. So we did. She had set up two doorstep race boards she had made, placed our cards on the floor at the top of the drive and a huge bag of sweets she had anti-bac’d and left in a pile for us. She was playing a recording of her singing Happy Birthday to us from her car and had a banner too. Lots of effort.

We ran straight up and grabbed the sweets.

Then we had a call from Lexa, she sang to us and blew some candles out on a cake for us.

Then shortly after Nannie & Grandad arrived. They put their party hats on and sat on the lawn. Again leaving presents on the doorstep to clean before bringing them in.

Then Uncle Craig and Uncle Calum came.

We lit our cake and sang Happy Birthday and everyone had a slice.

We sang it four times because we enjoyed it so much, even though we were all out of sync because we couldn’t quite hear eachother through the window!

Nannie & Grandad left, shortly followed by Uncle Craig & Calum just as Uncle Nath, Auntie Vicky and Erin arrived to deliver cards and blow kisses through the window. It was really nice because we have missed Erin lots. After they had left we went on a trike ride and Austin said ‘I want to find Erin Mum’ 🥰

After our trike walk round the ponds where we live, including walking home the long way round up the huge hill because we have to avoid the park, we had our party lunch, just the 4 of us.

And then we had some down time with pads. It had been an overwhelmingly busy morning, restrained by the window and we were flagging already.

During downtime we had a delivery with some of the presents we had ordered online, including Hiro, the train Austin had asked for over and over.

After our downtime, we went out in the garden and had some fun.

Then we had a knock on the door. Skylah has come to surprise us and had baked us some buns.

Mum made us a McDonald’s for our tea.

And Rory fell asleep. He had partied hard!

After a 10 minute power nap he wandered down the garden and flaked out on the top of the slide.

We have had an awesome day. Thank you for all of our video messages, online virtual birthday wishes, FaceTime calls, cards, presents and pennies that we can’t wait to spend.


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