Somewhere over the rainbow…

As Mummy & Daddy stood on the doorstep, with us both tucked up sleeping in bed, Mum held back the tears. They have stood on the doorstep and clapped for the NHS and key workers every Thursday at 8PM throughout lockdown, along with all of our neighbours.

The first time, the emotion was unreal, you could hear the applaud all over the local villages across the fields, the sky was filled with sound. As weeks went on people began to bang pans and honk horns, Nannie Di and the Mates of Milton team added blue flowers and an NHS rainbow tree and everyone came together in appreciation of those who have gone out on the ‘front line’ to keep the country moving and to save lives whilst the rest of us stayed home to protect the NHS.

This whole Covid-19 lockdown is surreal. I am writing this at the end of week 8. A week ago today, Sunday 10th May, the Prime Minister announced that we were over the peak of the virus and that certain people should return to work and that he would share plans to ease the lockdown providing that the rate of infection remained lower that 1.

And perhaps this was why, on last Thursdays 8PM clap, someone on our street played what Mum thinks was a trumpet, to the tune of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’…Mum described it as a moment that she will never forget. When the talented fella had finished someone shouted ‘thank you everybody’ and the neighbours all wished eachother good night and went back in, no doubt all feeling such a sense of unity.

We are very lucky where we live, everyone has looked out for everyone, we’ve had conversations across the gardens, we’ve held eachother up on the rough days. We’ve in effect built a new family at a time when we can’t see our own. As our immediate neighbours are all much older than us, its like being surrounded by a sea of grandparents who all love listening to and entertaining us, watching us on the pirate ship and waving good night through the window, Austin often insisting we ring Sue Sue and Terry so they come out on the decking and wave good night through the window. We really are blessed.

No in detail lockdown blogs have been published, they are all sat in drafts, but we have kept our instagram and Facebook up to speed with our day to day adventures. We wanted to just leave this here because it was such a moment of positivity, in a sea of negative.

We get asked a lot how we are, and we wonder if that is perhaps because 1) we cant see anyone and 2) the usual diary entry-like blog doesn’t exist at the moment and so we thought we would give you a snapshot right now and let you all know that we are just fine!

The beginning of lockdown was difficult, especially for Mummy. Not the idea of the actual lockdown but a mix of; the health risk of Covid-19, the pressure to keep us safe from it, the disappointment of reaching the finishing line for Rorys tracheostomy and being sent home from theatre because his consultant had coronavirus, the worry of his consultant, a huge beacon of light and hope for us, being so poorly…the light at the end of the tunnel of any hope for normality…gone. It was just too much but as usual, Mum picked herself up and turned it around.

We have had Daddy at home for 7 weeks and we have all been locked in our own safety bubble in our home. Nobody in, nobody out, except to walk the dog or for a nice trike ride in the countryside. We have been very lucky to get Tesco delivery each week and with Mummy anti-bacterial cleaning everything to come through our door, including the post and every single item of shopping, the risk has been extremely low. And because of this, Mummy and Daddy have been fine. We have been sheltered and perhaps desensitised to what is going on outside because we haven’t queued at the supermarket or witnessed the dramatic changes in the world outside. We have been safe in our bubble, enjoying eachothers company, playing all day long with no external stress or pressures.

Mummy has had so much more free time than usual because Daddy has been home all day every day sharing the load, Daddys business has been closed and so she hasn’t had any admin to do, she hasn’t been blogging every day, she has still had payroll to do but all of the nursery paperwork and pressures are pretty much shelved. And it has been lovely. She has made time for facials every other day, workouts at night and even a run.

We have had BBQ lunch most days and have just enjoyed our own bubble, Facetiming those closest to us and keeping in touch. We’ve waved at Nannie Di & Grandad most days on our trike ride as we passed and sometimes chatted over the fence. We are lucky to live so close, just like with Uncle Craig and Calum who live on the trail we do so we get to say hi on our travels.

Daddy went back to work this week following Boris’ announcement. Mummy had planned ahead for this, ordering Daddy’s customer database by risk. Daddy booked all of the low risk work in first, then medium then high and so by the time he gets through to the medium and high risk jobs in September, the risk will hopefully be significantly lower anyway. Mummy also made him a corona caddy with PPE, labelled disposal bins and antibacterial cleaner for his hands, tools and van. We worked out a very strict routine for each job which means there is no cross contamination and gloves / masks are used appropriately. It meant that any anxiety about returning g to an unknown world outside was managed.

We have lived a life of social distancing during winter months for the majority of our lives, we still avoid soft play between September and March, unless its a private party and we know the kids are well. We still anti-bac clean a surface where we sit down to eat. We avoid busy places and if people are unwell they don’t visit. We don’t go to nursery if there is a bug going around and we basically limit the chance of becoming unwell, from anything and this will be just the same for Coronavirus.

We are happy and we are thriving.

We are looking forward to being able to go to the park, because we are fed up of walking the long way home to avoid seeing it, and Mum and Dad pretending we don’t know what they are talking about when they say P. A. R. K.

We are looking forward to seeing our friends and family and being able to hug them and play with them and invite them in.

We are looking forward to going back to nursery and enjoying socialising with our peers.


Most of all we are looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel and beach days. Bring on those beach days.

Stay safe everyone. x

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