‘Your ducks are sitting in line’

Or so I am told by Larry on our video call tonight.

Larry is a lovely guy from Ohio, United States who tonight has given me the courage to do what you guys have been telling me to do for years. I am going to write a book.

The blog has come to an end, the social media posts are less, my boys are diving into a world of normality with their peers and yet our story, from IVF to premature birth, to the tracheostomy and general struggles through our double trouble bubble are still read worldwide. They still help so many people facing their own battles, searching for someone to relate to, a story of hope, something to hold on to, or an inbox to land in looking for someone who ‘gets it’…

And so lets do this.

Thank you to Larry whom is a pillar of knowledge when it comes to editing, publishing and marketing books but who actually was incredibly positive and gave me the belief that what we have here is worth the work. It is worth the challenge. As he said and I hope he is right;

‘Your ducks are sitting in line’

Watch this space.

Anyone out there who may be able to contribute in any which way, designers, editors, publishers. Shout up. This has potential and I need a dream team.

Much love,


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