Blurred Lines!

You may have noticed that we have been missing in action since Tuesday, after a good few months of daily blogging. There is always a share of opinion with followers, some prefer short daily blogs for bed time reading, or time-passing with the odd facebook scroll, whilst some have shared their love of a longer read every now and then. It wasn’t a strategic move to not blog and then catch up after the week / weekend but more that we have some blurred lines of what is actually happening, what is happening next, what is right and what is not right to share with the world. Of course I like to write honest and open blogs, whilst of course always being professional and respectful of everyone, but sometimes it is in the best interest of A&R if I don’t share all of the things, all of the time, especially when things are ‘current’….perhaps if I publish a book in the future like you keep on telling me to, I will publish absolutely everything then, when we aren’t in the thick of it, because that won’t really matter as much.

Anyway, i’m rambling. I hope that you can read between those blurred lines and appreciate what I mean, but for now, i’ll bring you up to date to where we are at.

Wednesday we had the all important appointment at Sheffield Children’s Hospital with Dr C to see what the camera planted inside of Rory at the beginning of the six weeks holiday has told us. It turned out that it told us absolutely nothing. Nothing was found which could be causing Rory’s airway to collapse recurrently, and so with that in mind there is nothing to ‘fix’ before Rory can undergo a reconstruction, and so Dr C gave the green light to Ravi in ENT, to do just that. Which kind of threw us all into a head fuzz.

Austin had gone to Nannie Di’s for the morning, and enjoyed a McD’s with Great Grandma Jean and Nannie Di and Rory had taken it all in his stride, the car journey, the walk into that all familiar place, playing with those all familiar toys and that all familiar walk down the corridor to find out the next steps. After the appointment, we rang Daddy, who usually attends ALL appointments but had to miss this one. And then we did something that most people would take for granted, but because Austins car seat was with Nannie, Rory and I had a McDonalds, and I sat in the back with him and we enjoyed a little moment together. It was lovely and I actually got emotional. It really is the little things.

We got back home with plenty of time for the home visit that was scheduled in, from two ladies from the new nursery that A&R will be joining next week. I had felt a little nervous about this, mostly because of the rushing around and the big appointment in the morning, and not knowing how A&R would be in the afternoon given their very different mornings, which always throws the tandem routine out. Thankfully they were relatively calm, sat doing Ben & Holly jigsaws with me when they arrived. That didn’t last long as they found their feet. I was really proud of Rory who acknowledged our visitors straight away, showed interest in the toys they had brought with them and engaged in some play with the Teacher. Austin was very chatty and his usual clowning around self. He wanted playdough, and bubbles and snack, and more snack and kept me on my toes. He also wanted the emergency medical kit of Rory’s when I handed it over for nursery, and we had a little toddler stand off, which thankfully I won. And then the Teacher won, as he then tried it with her. Button pusher. Testing those boundaries all of the time. Rory chose to hide in the kitchen and eat the snack that he found, and then both boys peeked around the corner for a sneaky look at the ladies which was cute. Rory even put his head on the teachers shoulder, which is a huge deal. I told one of the playgroup mums about this and she was wow’d, in 3 years of play dates, she hadn’t seen him take to any of the grown ups, so for him to make such a statement on the visit was very reassuring. He does seem to take to people with a calming disposition, maybe its because he is quiet. Who knows.

I know that the new nursery is going to be significantly different to their current one, in lots of ways. There are less children at the new one, the routine is different. I think the contrast will be good for them. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they settle in. The staff all seem really professional and approachable and it is evident that they work really hard. With any concerns I have had or any questions, they have been beyond efficient and i’m reassured by how quickly A&R took to the ladies who came to visit.

As with every day, we have a good hour or two at the end of everyday in the playroom, just the 4 of us and Beau if she isn’t in the garden lapping up the sun or the wind on her face, and today, Rory decided that he wanted a kiss off Daddy. He still does the thing that small children do before they realise you kiss using lips, where he plants his forehead on your lips for a kiss, and he was fully enjoying the attention, affection and interaction. He would run off laughing away (silently) and then return for a kiss, smiling wider than the River Nile and then running off again.

Both Ash & I had tears in our eyes. It is so nice that we notice these little milestones together. Rory has come such a long long way, but I couldn’t help but wonder what the future has in store for us with this HUGE next step looming over us, the one we have been counting down to, with every ounce of weight gained, every % of airway stretched…..the beginning of the end game.

Ironically that day we had completed their online school applications. Where does time go? I can’t help but feel that parenting is one huge decision making process, from birth plans, feeding, weaning choices, childcare, school places, whether to put them a coat on or not….lots and lots of decision. I just hope in this case I have made the right one, because it is a BOLD decision to say the least.

Thursday & Friday were great days for bonding with Jaime and lazing around after a few full on days. The boys were tired, you could see that the full days had taken it out of them. We did Jolly Tots at Penistone. We met Lucy & Frankie there. If you haven’t been then you really should try it, it’s great for an easy-ish morning with a small soft play and lots of toys, there is a real mix for under fives and its only small so you can keep an eye on them easily.It was nice to see Jaime and Rory playing together, I watched him flourish even just in those few hours, following her lead, interacting, turn-taking, him communication with her. He was answering the phone and putting it back down again, role playing with her too. It was so very lovely.

Friday Jaime came to play at our house and Rory decided that she was his climbing frame.

Saturday was party day for A&R’s playgroup friend Noah. Austin dove into the ball pool and came out with the A. Sounding A,A,A,A. Clever boy. We had a great time…

Then we had a chilled day at home with a quick visit to the skate park.

Sunday we met Nannie & Grandad Newborough at soft play. We haven’t seen them since the gala before the school holidays officially started and so we thought it would be nice to do something, as opposed to just seeing them at home. Mummy wanted them to bring socks and ‘balls’ for the slides, and that Mummy & Daddy full expect to be able to have a cup of tea, as obviously Mummy & Daddy are always in there with us. We went to Play Valley Sheffield but mummy gave the wrong post code by accident. Ooops. A bit of unnecessary drama, but we got their in the end.

We had an unplanned BBQ for tea, and Nannie Di & Grandad called in on the off chance and found themselves eating steak off the BBQ! Lucky them! It was really nice, playing in the garden and spending time together, so nice that Austin fell asleep in Daddy arms (which made Daddy shiny eyed) He was super tired out. And maybe a bit poorly, as we’ve had some signs that something might be brewing. One of them being that Mummy slept in the top bunk last night whilst Austin snuggled up to Daddy in our bed. Daddy’s boys.



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