No Knicker Survival!

The things you do for your kids. In mums case on Saturday she surrendered her pants and even did the food shop without them too.

But why? You will never guess.

Mum and Dad decided that they would hire us a pool on a regular basis this summer so that we could get used to the water, the environment and learn water safety, especially because Rory can’t be around water yet so desperately craves the sensory experience that water gives him.

Lots of tracheostomy children and their parents follow the rules and don’t allow their children to be around water in this way, yet we have always tried to manage the risks and have equal experiences both as trachy twin and non trachy twin, and this is just another of those, like going in the splash zone on holiday and visiting the beach.

In order to do so, Rory wears special waterproof bibs that Mummy bought for him, and a Hobbledehoo harness for extra safety and keeping hold of him so that the adult has control. However, when we go to the swimming pool, Mummy realised that she hadn’t packed the waterproof bibs or the harness. She didn’t panic. Mum is resourceful at the best of times and rummaging through the bag for some kind of alternative, she came across her clean pants in the bag. JACKPOT! And so she tied them around my neck to shield my tube from the splashs and off we went.

Only problem was, Mum’s pants were then very wet and she had to go without them on the way home, even doing the food shop. What a warrier.

The things you do for the kids hey!

We had a lovely session at the pool. Mummy and Daddy found it hard because Austin was off and Rory was restrained, and he was frustrated by this at times, but we have to find that perspective and at least he is getting to be in the water and experience part of it.

One day, his turn will come and he can swim every day if he wants to.


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