Sunday Seven!

Sunday was Mummy & Daddy’s wedding anniversary. 7 years since their big day. We spent the day together as a family celebrating.

First we went to Kixx, it was the Kixx birthday too. Rory had a great session, not only did he follow instruction with very little support, putting 3 items back in the bag at tidy up time, but he also balanced the ball on the cone when asked and dribbled the ball around the space, with very little support from Mum, for a good few minutes.

Austin on the other hand didn’t seem very focused, but he was still engaged the whole time, mostly independently.

We had a team photo at the end.

After Kixx we called at Auntie Mandy’s house and enjoyed running up and down her newly landscaped garden. It was lots of fun.

Then, we went to Centertainment. We had a Frankie & Bennys dinner, then we played in the slots at Hollywood Bowl and THEN…….we went bowling for the first time.

It required lots of engagement from the grown ups, lots of support, lots of patience and eyes at the back of their head, and even at that, Rory legged it down the lane and Daddy went after him, slipped and hurt his arm, but caught Rory in the midst of it all, and he was safe. So it was all good.

Here are some pics…


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