When 2 become 1!

Did you know Mum went to see the Spice Girls? Unless you are blind and deaf, you defo knew that already. Dads sick of hearing it, in fact so are we. We’ve had bloody greatest hits on repeat in the car for months. Anyway, in order for her to go, we had to split up. Austin went to Nannies and I stayed with Dad.

But what have we been up to leading up to this point?

Half term has been fairly relaxed. Playing in the garden, visits from Grandparents and Great Grandparents, Kixx Football, Frankie & Benny treats, trips to screwfix and chills in Mummys car. We also visited the farm with Auntie Vicky and Erin. Here are some pics…

Much to Mummy’s pleasure, Friday arrived and not only did her skin change colour, she smelled nice and wore something different to her Mum uniform. And then….she disappeared. We had so much fun in her absence.


Dad dropped me off at Nannies and I was so excited to be going that I didn’t realise RoJo wasn’t 2 steps behind me. Nannie took me up to see Great Grandma on my trike and then she took me fishing to Milton Pond. I played outside loads in the garden on my scooter and with my Little Tikes car. Everyone was amazed when I put petrol in it, i’m not sure why. That’s a really normal thing to do isn’t it?


And everyone went wild when I ate 6 smiley faces. Maybe its because I don’t really eat food and i’m getting the hang of eating those faces now, so I ate 6. Whats the big deal? (Meanwhile Mum is crying because I finally chuffing ate some food)


Austin got out of the car and went to Nannies house and I was a little excited to go too, but then when I realised Dad was driving off and it was just me and him, my little face lit up!

We went on lots of little adventures, things that I usually find difficult and so Mummy and Daddy find difficult doing with us both at the same time and so I know what they were thinking, practice doing all of these things when Daddy can give me ALL of his attention and then I can get better and it will get easier.

First stop: Tesco – quick stop for essentials, like a pizza for Daddys tea.

Next Stop: Screwfix – last time Austin went in with Daddy and I stayed in the car with Mummy, but today I got to go in the shop and have a biscuit from the tin from the nice lady.

Then: Elsecar Park with my scooter – now this was a BIG DEAL. My smile as I scooted all the way down the path to the park was terrific. And the fact that I actually scooted. WOW! I did try and sneak off to jump in a puddle but Daddy was ‘on it’….I did some climbing on the rocks by the park track and I had lots of fun. I had all of Daddys attention and Austin wasn’t stealing all of the limelight and I came out of my shell a little bit and I was very interactive.

Next stop: Milton Ponds & The Park – I also walked Beau with Daddy, something else that Austin gets to do sometimes but I find difficult. But I did it. I walked ALL THE WAY! We also spotted Nannie and Austin fishing at the pond. I managed to drag Dad to the park on the way home.

It was so much fun, we had a great time together me & Dad.

Mums Word – I had an awesome night off with my girlies, living a childhood dream. Knowing both my boys had been good and had a lovely day and were tucked up safe in bed meant I could relax. Rory was ridiculously interactive all morning on Saturday and having that 1:1 time really suited him. Looking through some of the pictures made me cry, you can see the eye contact, and the engagement in the pictures. It made me feel really proud and really grateful for Ash and for My Mum & Dad having allowed that 1:1 time to happen.


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