Mum had an hour and ten minutes sleep last night.

An hour of that was between 6&7am this morning when she returned to bed whilst Daddy held the fort.

Somehow though she has a spring in her step and is smiling. Even though Daddy had lots of sleep last night, they weren’t counting the minutes in comparison, they were joking around in good spirits.

You might be wondering where the other sleep hours went? Mummy was suctioning Rory continuously one after the other until she literally couldn’t keep her eyes open and quit at 3:40am, handing over to Daddy. She went to sleep in Rory’s toddler bed leaving Rory in bed with Daddy. Only at 3:50 (after 10 minutes kip) Austin rolled over and banged his head on the bed side, woke up crying, resulting in mummy comforting him, he never returned to sleep and iPhone Thomas landed in the room!

So what if Trachy life stole her sleep again. Then twin life made a rest impossible. Thats the thing with twins and a Trachy, you can’t really let one adult be the grown up whilst the other is off duty. It doesn’t really happen!

But…She is happy. She is grateful. She is alive. Just! With her bestest CBeebies face on, giving us all she has.

Do the clocks go back or forward this weekend? Anybody anticipating what this will do the the sleep routine of the little people?


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