Caption that!!

Role play is quite new to us. I’ve had a little more experience than Rory because of my time at nursery, but it is something we are starting to get the hang of.

We went to Curious Kids Town today. We’ve been meaning to go for a while but it has always been fully booked or ‘1 space left’ which is no good with twins but mummy pushed her luck and managed to get us in.

Mummy and daddy followed closely behind us but let us choose and let us play. They talked to us about what we were doing and helped ‘pretend’ but the play was truly led by us and mummy and daddy were in hysterics!

Here is a snapshot of our time;

Clearly as the oldest twin, these wheels were meant for me and I knew exactly where I needed to go…

and then I met up with my 24 minutes younger brother in his wheels. He’s obviously the coolest twin….

Although that literally was the only time we were together. There was so much to see and do!

Rory enjoyed climbing on the bench and sensory seeking on the grass.

Although he also found the light box in the medical centre and the vets and enjoyed checking out the x-rays (& of course the opportunity to climb on the couch)

I on the other hand, raided the shop! There was just stuff EVERYWHERE seemed to me like a free for all so I just took what I wanted and legged it. Including a big box of roses. I took them to the bench with rory and our faces must have been a picture when we opened the tub and it was empty and then – you won’t believe what happened next – Mum and dad started putting their hands in and eating pretend chocolates. They’ve lost it completely I reckon. We knew it was only a matter of time until we pushed them over the edge!

There was a baby lay in the grass. It didn’t seem to be moving and we both thought it was a doll on more than one occasion. Luckily mummy grabbed us just in time before we dragged it off by the foot to the hairdressers.

Mummy passed me an actual doll and that’s exactly what I did. I took her to the hairdressers,Sat her in the chair, pushed the chair under, brushed her hair and gave her a cup of tea before having a chin wag and a cuppa myself. I didn’t realise mum was watching with her phone nor did I understand why it was so bloody fascinating!

Now what happened next was too much to take on board for mum. I picked up the hair straighteners and straightened my hair. She doesn’t understand how I knew what to do. She even checked that Nannie hadn’t straightened her hair in front of me. Mummy doesn’t use straighteners, neither does holly or peps pig. Mystery!

I did some fishing with Dad.

I still have no idea what this is…

I had a picnic and then tried out life as s policeman although mummy said I looked more like a member of the village people in my hat, and she wonders why I won’t get dressed up!

And right at the end of our session, I did something that is completely normal to us, I used the antibac gel and washed my hands – it’s true what they say about children watching and learning from grown ups, we spent years watching adults consistently washing their hands!

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