Our first half term!

So our first half term at pre-school is over.

Mummy’s biggest fears became reality.

We always knew that it would be difficult, our first winter facing the winter bugs head on, instead of hiding, and especially going feet first into a nursery setting. It was always going to be tough. It appeared that we were much stronger now and able to deal with it much better than when we were younger, but it appears that isn’t true because already, we have had one hospital admission, oxygen, nebulisers, back to back inhalers and a GP visit, things which we haven’t had for 18 months to two years.

Mummy is feeling deflated and whilst she appreciates that we have to endure this tough winter to build up the immune system that we now have, so that we are stronger in the future, but she did feel that our chest and lungs were better equipped now to deal with it, but it seems that they weren’t.

We boasted about having kept out of hospital for 18 months, but reality is, Mummy was so super clean and germ-controlling that we didn’t catch the nasty bugs to have to fight them, and so really,Β  it wasn’t that we were so much stronger, perhaps that we were just great at avoiding the bugs.

The viral / colds / coughs / winter bugs we have caught so far have instantly had an effect on our breathing. It just goes to show that chronic lung disease, premature chests, collapsed lungsΒ  – they are all things that don’t heal overnight.

Mummy reflected on our attendance this term;

Austin 53%

Rory 41%

Mummy feels a huge pressure to change this because she wants us to make the most of the opportunity for us to attend pre-school, and help us to catch up and make up for all of the ‘missing out’ we have done so far but equally she knows that she cannot change it, and it is what it is. We were inevitably going to get poorly.

She has spent most of our life making those decisions between keeping us well and missing us out of things, which has hindered our development in some ways. Mummy has done a great job of bridging the gap with most things but the social and communication development is lacking, because Mummy couldn’t fill that gap without putting our health at risk and going out and about to playgroups and such. We are here all over again, except this time the priority seems different. She needs to get us to the pre-school to get the educational opportunity, and not hide from the bugs, because we need the bugs to develop, but then the bugs take hold and we aren’t so strong and so we miss out on the pre-school anyway.

Mummy was also looking forward to some time for herself, except out of the 14 afternoons that we have both attended nursery, we have only had a nurse for 7 of those and so out of a 7 week term, she has managed 7 afternoons (12 – 3) without us. Not quite what she (& everyone else) was imagining.

Better than none i suppose!

It is frustrating and easy to feel defeated!

However – once we shake this latest viral germ that has taken over Austins chest and lungs, we have a half term of fun to look forward to.


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