Awesome August 1 of 4

August has always been the best month of the year in our house – well so Mummy and Daddy tell us, because that is the only full month of the year that teachers don’t have to go to work, even if they do have to do work, they can do it at their leisure, and so it is a month where they have lots of fun. In our house this year, Mummy and Daddy aren’t teachers anymore and so really, it is just like any other, Daddy is working, and mummy is flying solo a lot. So what have we been up to;

We had our second session at nursery, as a duo. it was very much like the first, we made it until just after 11. Afternoon sessions are definitely better for us. Mummy made lots of observations this time, and made a list of things that would help me to settle in safely. She doesn’t really have to worry about Austin as he is just like any other little boy in nursery really, it is just me and my trachy, it is such a big deal to put my life in someone elses hands and for mummy to give control to someone else.

After nursery Mummy dropped Austin at Nannies and he went on a long walk with Nannie & Grandad whilst Mummy & me went to Barnsley Hospital. My appointment was to see Dr Gupta. Dr Gupta was the Dr who looked after us once we were transferred to Barnsley from Jessops in the neonatal days. He used to visit us on a Wednesday and review our progress throughout the week and form a plan to move forward and hopefully closer to discharge, and normal life at home. I hadn’t seen Dr Gupta since he discharged us both at 99 days old from Barnsley Hospital. Austin has. He saw him a while ago now. In fact over a year where he discharged him from the paediatrician list for follow up as a premature baby, because his ongoing troubles are being met by consultants specialising in those areas and Dr Gupta was more than happy with him.

Upon arriving at the desk, the receptionist who knows us both very well from the amount of appointments we have had over the past 2 years, commented on how big I was. Then a nurse came to weigh me and we recognised her too. She came to our house once to take our bloods, she remembered us too, commenting on how well we are doing. It is so nice to hear it and means so much from professionals who appreciate just how difficult our journey has been and how tough we have had the ride.

Eventually my name was called and we saw Dr Gupta, who also couldn’t believe how big I had got. He asked Mummy how I was doing and mummy told him everything. How I hadn’t had a hospital admission or oxygen dependence for well over a year and how I do everything that my brother does, even though technically, by the book, I shouldn’t be able to. I lay on the bed whilst Dr Gupta examined me, smiling and laughing and being ever so pleasant.

Dr Gupta said that Mummy was very lucky that we had done so well, being twins at 26 weeks, the odds were stacked against us. He said that we have the final hurdle with the trachestomy to come, but we have conquered so much already, that we were strong boys.

Me and Mummy felt very proud.

Dr Gupta asked if Mummy was happy with a discharge or if she would feel more comfortable if we had one more follow up in 6 months. Mummy said discharge because Dr Kelechi and Dr Ravi and Dr Moss are taking care of me at sheffield for my lungs, tracheostomy and missing kidney. She knew I was in safe hands, so we dropped off my discharge letter and I ran out of the hospital smiling like billy whizz!

Austin likes to walk Beau with Daddy at teatime, and this time mummy decided to take me too, only she had a little job to do first and the plan was for us to catch up, except when we got to the bottom of the road, I legged it left towards the park and Beau and Austin were right, at the ponds, having her second walk of the day. We waited at the park and when I heard Austin shouting across the field, I turned around, looked and gave him a big smile. We played nicely for a while. We like the park.

On Saturday we had a haircut. Mummy struggles with haircuts, we don’t like them in fact that is an understatement. We are a nightmare. Mummy drives us all the way to Leeds, our nap times and feed times are planned like a military operation to give us the best chance and we still have a meltdown with Mummy bear hugging us from behind and holding our chin, rotating round our face with her eyes closed, preying our struggle and the hairdressing scissors don’t cause her to lose an eye. We scream the place down and there is ALWAYS an audience. The positive note is that these hairdressers are pro’s when it comes to children like us, and so mummy and daddy take us there because even though it is a nightmare, we are in and out in 20 minutes as opposed to the 90 minute struggle we once gave at mummys hairdressers. Unfortunately as it is the school holidays and everyone wants nice hair for returning to school, the special hairdressers in Leeds was fully booked and so mummy explored other options, in the end begging Pam, he hairdresser for over 15 years to come to our house and give it a go. Pam was more than obliging and crawled around the living room with us. She brought chocolate buttons and a tonne of humour and together, we managed, even if Austin was a bright red, hot, sweaty, screaming mess. Thanks Pam! You are a star! We now have a plan in place to have our hair trimmed fortnightly so that it becomes routine and we get used to it.

After our haircut we went to Noah and Ethan’s party. #awesomefoursome

On Sunday we went to Kerry & Tims house to play with Jonah. Daddy did some electrical work for them in their new home. We had lots of fun at the little park on their street and had a walk around their estate.

Mummy and Daddy had found some new (to us) toys for sale en route to Kerry & Tims, so we collected them and when we got home, Mummy cleaned them all and it was so exciting, we didn’t know what she was going to give us next. We had a whole new village of Ben and Holly, Postman Pat and Fireman Sam.

We spent all day Monday playing with our new toys, even mummys friend Tina visited and played with us too and then had a sleepover at Nannies whilst Mummy and Daddy got lots of jobs done at home. We had an hours play before Mummy and Daddy put us to bed at Nannies and then picked us up in the morning for our hearing test appointment.

We have had the hearing screen a few times, but as we were prem there is such a significant risk of hearing problems that they like to repeat, also they didn’t get exactly what they wanted last time.

We arrived at the hearing screen and bossed it! The Dr, when relfecting on our history, all of our stats make us increasingly high risk of a whole list of health complaints, not just being twins, but identical twins, boys and extreme prem, but, the Dr said we are ‘the best outcome I have ever seen in my life. Ears, eyes, looks, development, everything. You are blessed’

It is really nice that Drs are starting to say how well we have done because it hasnt been an easy ride and there are many times when it looked bleak for us. It makes mummy and daddy very proud.

We went for lunch and then uniform shopping. that’s right – UNIFORM SHOPPING!!!!!

Nannie News, Great Nannie Taylor and Uncle Paul visited on their way back from York too.

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