Our first boat experience!

We all decided to hire a narrowboat for the day, to spend some family time together.

Mummy and daddy were anxious, we aren’t like a ‘duck to water’ when it comes to new experiences. Mummy packed DVD players, toys and planned for us getting off the boat and spending the day in a local town with Nannie, grandad, Uncle Craig and Uncle Calum picking us up on their way back down the canal.

Mummy packed Rory’s hobble-de-hoo harness because she worried about the dangers of him being around water too.

They are very silly!

We loved it! We slept on the journey over the peaks, whilst the grown ups enjoyed the scenery and the drive on the winding roads.

We ran onto the boat, no drama. We loved watching the other boats, waving at passers by and feeding the ducks.

Rory was much safer than she imagined and they just stationed an adult at the top of the steps so we couldn’t climb out of the boat. They locked the doors to the cabin so we were safe.

We enjoyed playing in the garden and having pub lunch.

We enjoyed chocolate at the ice cream shop.

We enjoyed our little adventures.

It was an absolutely AWESOME day out and we cannot wait to do it again. Even if we did have torrential rain for 15 minutes on the way back to camp! Grandad wore a nappy sack in his head and got very wet steering the boat. We cosied up inside!

Mummy and Daddy are also much more confident about taking us on a boating holiday. sweet memories!

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