When we were super small we suffered from severe reflux, taking gaviscon and lanzoprozole to support us but still vomiting after every feed. Mummy found that giving us a ‘dodi’ after the feed would encourage us to continue to suck and prevent sick.

Mummy never wanted us to have a dummy and will always remember the conversation she had with a nurse one night over the telephone when we were in neonatal intensive care. Mummy had woken in the middle of the night and rang up to see if we were ok. The nurse said that we were fine but my (Austin) oxygen levels kept dropping because my mouth was open and the oxygen was going up my nasal cannulas and straight out of my mouth, so could she give me a dummy? Mummy said yes, no, yes, kept changing her mind, the nurse knew mummy wasn’t sure. In the end mummy agreed that it would be fine, after all, it didn’t mean we would be glued to it until we were ten with the textbook crooked teeth and delayed speech. would it? Giving a premature baby a dummy is for different reasons completely, in my case it supported my oxygen but also it helps teach the breathe, suck, swallow routine for when we learn to feed, that babies born on time already know. So actually dummies are quite important to prems.

Anyway….we had it after feeds but never really to ‘settle’ us and we never really became attached to it. From about 12 months, we only had it at night and spat it out no sooner had we fell to sleep, ocasionally with me waking in the night looking for it, and mummy sneaking in, taking a spare from the sterilising pot and giving to me to settle me back off and me spitting it out again.

Mummy bought 8 dummies when we came home from hospital and decided that when they were gone, they were gone and for the past 6 months we have literally only had 2 dummies, one each. cue: mummy and daddy with iphone torch app, crawling around the floor looking for it if we became unsettled in the night.

We literally have it immediately after our bedtime milk and spit it out not long after falling to sleep.

For 8 days now, we have had a missing dummy, and so we have only had 1 dummy between us. The first night we only had one, we both managed completely fine without it at all and mummy thought we had cracked it. Just like that!

The second and third night we had sick.

Every night since, the first one to finish their milk gets the dummy until they are sleeping then mummy or daddy steals it and chucks it across the room for the other one of us to use. no sick. no meltdown. two sleeping babies.



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