Lights on!

So, a week in to Daddy the electrician not Daddy the teacher and we seem to be on an all round winner (despite us having a cold that is 😞)

Daddy leaves the house 45 minutes later and is home half an hour earlier. He is home by 1 on Fridays. He had home work to do every night in preparation for his exams, but still?!

Mummy gets a lie in every day to give her some much needed fuel for her now shorter than before day of twinning! Although to be fair the nights have been rubbish lately with us having the dreaded cold and lie in means 630 not 5am! She also handed the reigns straight over to Daddy on Friday afternoon and went for her hair done. She managed a run Monday night.

Even though we have been unwell, with mummy monitoring Rory’s oxygen saturations and everyone a little panicked about a possible hospital admission ruining his chances of getting his Trachy out, it had been a much easier week.

Daddy is alight with excitement and determination for his new challenge and mummy is better rested, less stretched and managing a bit more of a balance, not a lot, but in comparison, we are winning.

In fact even though it was touch and go, mummy organised us a sleepover at Nannie & grandads house. Here are some pics from our all you can eat buffet lunch and playtime at Nannies…

Mummy booked a table for her and daddy and bought cinema tickets with a voucher that Nannies cousin Lesley bought them almost two years ago (yes, mummy and daddy have not been able to leave us to go – TWO YEARS 😱) however with us being poorly and mummy and daddy always promising that they would ONLY ever leave them in charge of a Rory running at 100% health, they realised it less risky to do bathtimes themselves as Rory had been sick with overdose of secretions the last few days and it wasn’t fair to leave anyone else with that risk and all its consequence!

So they cancelled their table, came to do bath and bedtime with us and then rushed to cineworld Sheffield just in time!

Mummy has been poking fun at daddy’s dating skills all day! They started off at the gym, then went out for lunch at Yummy Yorkshire. Then they went to KDA and Screwfix (wifeoftradesman) (dategoals) and then home to walk the dog, put us to bed and drive through for 730 showing!

Daddy insisted on taking the van to give it ‘a run’ and so Mummy (all make up and heels) climbed into daddy’s van. They laughed all the way there. 🙈

After a lovely date day/night with only bath time twinning, they had a much needed rest and a great nights sleep. So did we. We ditched the 5am starts we give mummy and daddy for a lovely lie in until 730 with Nannie and Grandad. Mummy and daddy will be jealous!

Here’s to #family and a much better #balance 🥂

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  1. You both look so relaxed, lovely to see u both looking so well. Ash definitely made the right move, the boys looked like they were having a fabulous time at Nannie & grandads, no need to worry there xx

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