From Daddy with love…

When Mummy had you both in her tummy, and even before that, both mummy and I thought we had it made, a lovely home, a comfortable life and teaching jobs that meant we would be home every school holidays to share lots of amazing memories with you as you grew year on year.

However, things didn’t really turn out as planned when you chose to arrive so early and then were poorly as a result.

My work were really supportive and I had lots of time off to be there with you, in hospital and at home and to support mummy. Mummy’s work were really understanding, even when she was left with no choice but to resign and become a stay at home mum to care for you both, a very difficult decision for her as she was so passionate about her work.

I absolutely loved my job and did it with pride. Being a part of one of the best, most inspirational schools around and seeing children learn and grow in character and playing a part in that was such a privilege. I know I still have that with you two, it makes me so proud watching you learn.

As time has moved on it no longer became fair on the children at school or my colleagues for me to have the time off when you needed me (more often than most) and we know in the future we have a major mountain to climb with Rory’s Trachy and so all of this along with Mummy’s need to engage her brain again, we decided that it was time to make a change.

The decisions that came from here were solely around giving you, our precious boys, the best that we can.

We decided that whilst my current job gave me lots of holidays, that didn’t suit your needs. You needed me to have flexibility, your needs weren’t only in the holidays, they were all year round.

Flexibility would allow us to do more things as a family, that mummy struggles to do on her own, attending baby groups, days out and holidays when it is quieter and less risky. You needed this. You needed it now. Time goes so fast that before we know it, you will be at school and it will be too late to make the most of these early years. Flexibility would allow mummy the chance to have time for herself, for the gym, to go back to work part time. It would mean that we had more of a balance and super mum wasn’t carrying everything on her own shoulders during term time! She had given up so much of herself that she deserves a little time back.

We decided that in my current role there wasn’t really any ladder to climb and I wanted to be able to give you more in the long term than what my current pay packet allowed. I needed something where the world was my oyster….

I didn’t want to ever miss a special mention in assembly, sports day or the opportunity to pick you up from school. Mummy said the same about teaching, it isn’t completely family friendly, the work-life balance is pretty rubbish too.

We wanted to give you the best possible start in life because so far you have had it pretty rubbish.

So, with Mummy’s help and her ‘you can achieve anything if you believe’ attitude, I resigned from my role, enrolled on a course and set up my own business. I sold my beloved Golf, bought a van, created a plan and went for it. A risk, but at it’s worse, I can return to teaching, supply if necessary. Not that bad of a fail either way. So….Goodbye Mr Hardy Curriculum Specialist, Hello Mr Hardy the Electrician of Hardy Electrical Solutions. I hope you will be equally proud of me. Hopefully when you are old enough to read this blog, Hardy Electrical Solutions will mean something to you, it might just be Daddy’s business, or it might be our business, that you two choose to join. It might be successful and still going, or it might just have been the right thing at that time, the means to an end to give us more family time whilst paying the bills, either way, I hope reading this teaches you that you are never too old to learn, you can be what you want to be if you work hard enough, and nothing in life is fixed. Life is what you make it and I hope by making this decision, which was really tough on me, walking away from a wonderful staff team, who supported me through the toughest time in my life when you two were born, but also leaving behind some truly wonderful children who enriched my life as much as I did theirs, that it gave you boys the best. Because actually, that’s what matters, you two. Everything I do is for you, and your mummy because she is pretty awesome too. In fact, she is dynamite.

So, today was my last day. It was emotional. If it wasn’t the ‘goodbye Mr Hardy’ posters all around school, it was all of the cards and thoughtful gifts – so many of them! The kind words from parents, colleagues, Governors and children. The tears, from me aswell, the surprise special assembly (it was so hard not to crack when all the children were singing ‘he’s a jolly good fellow’ when I walked into the hall) and the night out with a jolly good send off! Mummy brought you in to say hello to everyone and you were super good. You even stole biscuits from the staff room. 😁

So, I hope that when you read this, in years to come, whatever happened, I can stand tall and say that I was the best dad that I could be and together with mum, we gave you the best start in life and no doubt we will be looking on, watching you with pride in awe of all that you are and all that you have conquered to get there.

Hardy Electrical Solutions



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