Sit down please x 1000

When we arrived downstairs this morning, the kitchen was different. Our highchairs were gone and our Ikea Latt was proudly in its new place by the grown up table and chairs – which no longer had the PVC tablecloth on it that mummy hated but needed at the same time!

We heard mummy say to daddy that ‘this was it’ if the high chairs were gone, we had no choice but to stick it out and make the move to the big kids table. Mummy hated the highchairs taking over her kitchen but loved that they controlled us – until we learnt to climb out and onto the table that was.

We got our table at Christmas and on the odd occasion mummy sat us at it, we pushed the table back and forth in chuckle brother style, each squashing the other and so in the end mummy just put us in the high chair, it was a lot to tackle on her own in an open plan house with no cupboard locks and issues with crumbs.

We are usually confined to the playroom. On the odd chance mummy opens the gate and we tag team and leg it fast enough – at least one of us makes the great escape and cause destruction in hurricane timing!

This morning, with mummy and daddy on duty, it started well..

Then we got bored and somehow all of the cereal jumped out of our plates and so I hopped off my chair and took myself for a wander…

Mummy and daddy were anything but impressed but Big Sister Beau had a reyt breakfast!

At lunchtime when mummy was flying solo, we saw an opportunity. It went from bad to worse. She went to some effort with pancakes (which we didn’t even touch with our fingers never mind eat) and we just made the most of our new found freedom…

When Daddy came home and we all sat down for more pancakes 🙄 we tried to show him our freedom too but he just kept bringing us back to the table ‘sit down please’ a thousand times.

Rory ate his biscuit and was allowed to go back into the playroom and I tried to follow him but Daddy sat me back in my seat and said I had to stay sat down until I had finished. So I did. Mummy and daddy clapped, Rory did too, so I joined in and then they gave me a high five as I passed them on my way to the playroom…..and then I detoured and legged it around the kitchen giggling.

Just when they thought they had cracked it 🤣

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