Rock on!

We’ve mastered it! Whilst me & Rory think Mummy and Daddy expect a bit much for us to go straight to our table, sit down, stay sat down until we have finished, wash our hands and then walk straight back into the playroom without wandering into the living room, the kitchen or touching the cupboards…we are doing as we are told. Luckily they haven’t told me to stop eating my brothers leftovers yet, however I wish they would tell him to stop stealing the best bits from my plate. Luckily I don’t mind sharing and will give him anything he wants because I love him.

So, aside from this, our week in short….


Messy play

joining in with Hoyland/Elsecar Rocks, even though we were asleep. According to Mummy she saw a clue that there were some rocks hidden at the ponds and so as we were already in the car for nap time mummy went to find them, and whilst there, Nannie came legging it down the street. She had seen the same clue and never put her coat on as fast.

we played kind with them, sharing. We are going to hide them now that the weather is dry.

we had valentines lunch with mummy, our favourite nug nugs in our car bubble at mcds!

We went to the farm with Mummy, Nannie & Grandad.

Auntie Nat Nat visited. Mummy took this picture and put it with one a year ago. What a difference a year makes…

We had our first trip to Aldi in a long long time, our local shop doesn’t have twin trolleys (even though mummy has requested them) but mummy spied one in Sheffield that does, so we were able to go for the adventure…the first time since we were small. We held on to a cabbage all the way round.

We had our first trip to b&q for daddy’s business. High 5 to B&Q for having twin trolleys.

We went to visit Auntie Chlo and the horses at her yard. We got very muddy in the process…

Today Uncle Pete & Sue Sue visited. Uncle peter says mummy wasn’t allowed to take a picture of him with Mr Potato head, even though the resemblance was uncanny, but we managed a sneaky one of Sue Sue.

This afternoon mummy and daddy were a bit deflated because we didn’t have any plans, and we were so limited with where we could go and what we could do because it is so so important now to keep well before Rory’s appointment in a few weeks. We ended up having 5 minutes at the park by our house and then an afternoon at Nannie and grandads. We even had a visit from Uncle Craig.

Next week we are getting our hair chopped (Beau too) by a professional,not mummy hacking away whilst we sleep….

☝🏼Do y’all hear what we saying??☝🏼

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