Daddy Survival!

The weekends come and go quickly don’t they!

Saturday we went to Katie’s party at Wigfield Farm. It was a lovelyday, the weather was dry and the boys were pleasant considering they had woken up super early.

The other children at the party were at least 1 and even 2 years older than the boys and so they could be forgiven for not sitting in the circle for the animal handling, and waiting and listening, but in true A&R style they were wilder than the animals. Same rules applied for the party food but they loved running around outside and feeding the sheep.

Sunday was a boys day. Mummy went for a spa day with her friends in Mansfield. She was gone all day. It had been planned in since June, which was the last time she did anything with the girls, and so it was well needed on all accounts.

It was the first time Daddy had looked after the boys on his own for a full day since April 2017, and he felt all of the things that mummy feels, especially the frustration at not being able to go anywhere safely without another adult, and even more so, having to stay out of the rain for Rory. So it was a full day stuck inside, which as Daddy said, was hard enough but manageable because it is one day, but can’t imagine how Mummy has done it for the best part of 3 years  and rarely getting a break.

He broke the day up with a novelty trip out in his work truck (which he cleaned especially) and going to the hand car wash, where the guy recognised ‘the twins’ from  when we went the previous week with Mummy’s car. Then a McD’s drive-thru for lunch, cos of course, it is easier when we are strapped in the car.

Mummy knows that feeling all too well.


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