Austin’s leg day!

Today was dramatic to say the least, woken at 5:50am with Austin screaming ‘my toes hurts’…cue iphone torch inspection, which showed nothing. Next up: Mum guilt…are his toenails ingrowing even though they aren’t red and his nails aren’t long. Then comes several failed attempts by me and Ash trying to cut his little toe nail just in case because that is where he says it hurts. Then comes me worrying if his shoes fit right, all the time he is hysterical and cannot put his foot to the floor, is bum shuffling, pencil rolling and army crawling everywhere.

An hour later, 7am, still hysterical, Grandad rocks up to try and assess Austins leg and work out what the problem is.

Meanwhile, we are trying to keep Rory balanced and ready for school knowing that he will be braving it alone without Austin for only the second time.

Slowly Austin begins to hobble and we decide it is improving as opposed to getting worse. Took us a good 30 minutes to get him dressed because ‘me scared’ of putting socks and trousers on.

Finally get them in the car and off to school at 2 minutes to 9am. When we get Rory to the door, Austin suddenly decides that he wants to go to school aswell, but as soon as Daddy put his feet to the floor, he changed his mind.

Rory delivered to nursery safely and Austin’s day off begins.

Starting with a visit to the car garage with Mummy. He sat beautifully with his carton of milk from nursery and a freddo.

Then we went to do the food shop. Again, he did incredible, even choosing a huge pumpkin that he asked for. It’s so lovely that he is interested in things now.

We had a call from nursery to check Rory was able to play outside in the rain. We also rang them 3 times to check he was ok. They rang us in the afternoon concerned because he hadn’t drank anything, had bone dry nappies and this is a concern with Rory having one kidney. I suggested they put a tiny drop of juice in a cup to encourage him and when i rang back 30 minutes later, he had drank and filled his nappy.

Grandad came back, this time to reseal our bath, reseal the sink and the worktop in the utility under the stairs. Austin was my helper fetching and carrying the shopping up and down the stairs and helping grandad hoover up his mess. His leg was absolutely fine by this point and I can’t help but wonder if it was pins and needles or cramp?

We went to feed the horses at Auntie Mandy’s yard. We checked with her first. And then we sent the video to her and auntie chloe. We giggled the whole time.

Afterwards, we collected Rory from nursery and Austin muscled in to play. He unzipped his coat and put it on a peg. He was staying. We found it almost impossible to get him to leave.

We called at the park on the way home to play and splash in puddles again.

And then Mummy made something out of a cardboard box. We were able to predict the number, change the variables, swap and change the route. Problem solve. We both played with it and enjoyed learning maths skills without even realising.

We even carved out pumpkin before the bath.

It’s been a busy day,  thankfully ending more peacefully than it started!



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