Summer 2019 – Day 39 *WE DID IT!*

Whilst today was a bit of a wash out, it was also a significant date for the diary!

Our plans were cancelled today because we still aren’t 100% and have been on and off with naps because we aren’t sleeping properly at night with the heat.

So, Mummy took us to feed the ducks on our trike. Standard response, Austin giggling his head off and Rory eating the bread.

Nannie & Great Grandma visited this afternoon which was nice. Grandma was mortifed when we both decided that we didn’t want to wear pull-ups and got our todgers out. We were embracing our inner nudist for the remainder of the day. Austin even stood on the garden chair and looked over the fence shouting ‘R Sue’ for attention. Always a clown!

The biggie today though is that all HR paperwork, DBS checks, references and payroll requirements are in place, Jaime has completed all of her training, theory and practical and we are good to go for next week. We no longer have to fight the daily fight to get Rory to nursery with inconsistent nurse cover. We now have our own team of PA’s who are all trained and part of our team and we won’t be letting him down anymore. He will go to nursery just like every other child when he is fit and well enough to be there and I could not be prouder of myself, for putting in the huge amount of fight to secure the funding, complete the HR paperwork to become an employer and to hold Rory’s hand through the pain, anxiety, restraint and damn right awful process that is trachy training. I am even more proud of Rory for his strength and resilience and for Jaime for putting herself forward, practically giving herself the job and being absolutely certain she wanted it and she could do it even though i’m not sure she really knew what she was getting into at first. She has thrown any doubt I ever had out of the water. She has grabbed the opportunity by the nuts and she has owned it. She has battled through the training, took the rough with the smooth, she has been involved in some really scary experiences, when Rory had his emergency tube in for the first time ever, when I wasn’t there, and she has just got on with it, keeping calm and putting Rory and me as Rory’s Mum first, making sure we couldn’t see that actually inside she felt sick, because she knew it was hard enough for us to start with. That is the kind of person we want on our team. #teamrory

So unable to hold it in any more and wanting to mark this important date, I drove to Jaime’s house in the dark, once A&R were in bed, with her new Team Rory uniform, a little gift from us and a pack of paperwork full of the important stuff, codes of conduct, care plans, EYFS trackers, reports and the very first rota.

To say the professionals told us ‘this process can take months and months’ and that ‘it was unlikely to be in place for September’…we smashed it. I may have been paperwork crazy, micro-managed every step of the way, poking everyone with big sticks to hurry them along, but we did it and I am so relieved it is unreal!

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