Thank you!

We read somewhere that today is international neonatal nurse day and so we thought we would take a moment to think about what neonatal nurses do and thank them for what they did for us.

  • Thank you for caring for us as soon as we were born, doing all of those very first things when mummy was in theatre and she couldn’t do it herself. We know that you did it with love.
  • Thanks for changing our tiny nappies and then teaching mummy and daddy how to do it, taking care around our wires, listening to their fears and encouraging them.
  • Thank you for feeding us with the machine and encouraging mummy to begin feeding us. You were never pushy and always supportive. You never made mummy feel silly when she could only manage a tiny tiny dot of milk, you celebrated even the small wins with her.
  • Thank you for teaching mum to express milk and how to label it and sterilise all of the components.
  • Thank you for freezing her milk and defrosting it as and when we needed it.
  • Thank you for listening carefully to our machines and responding to them quickly and always with care. Thanks for even acknowledging the beeps that aren’t important so that mummy wasn’t anxious.
  • Thanks for teaching mummy and daddy about the machines. Knowledge really is power!
  • Thanks for listening to their fears, worries, silly questions.
  • Thanks for crying with us and genuinely caring!
  • Thanks for looking out for mummy and daddy too.
  • Thanks for keeping us alive, believing in us, keeping going even on the tough days.
  • Thanks for making our beds and giving us clean sheets whenever we needed them.
  • Thanks for moving us back and forth up and down from neonatal Intensive care to high dependency and back again every time we had a wobble and you had to wheel our little incubators around and set or machines up all over again!
  • Thanks for putting us our first clothes on.
  • Thanks for filling out or diaries to help mummy, even though you had more than enough paperwork to record already.
  • Thanks for always making time to talk to mummy and daddy and explaining everything to them.
  • Thanks for saving our special things so that we have a treasure box to keep.
  • Thanks for helping us to get cuddles with mummy and daddy moving chairs and incubators and wires and making a HUGE effort for a ten minute cuddle (our lack of temp control wouldn’t allow much more) but always making that effort and always appreciating how important those cuddles were.
  • Thanks for calling mummy and daddy in the night when we needed them.
  • Thanks for being our mum and dad when they weren’t there.
  • You are angels in uniform.
  • We will never forget everything you did for us!
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