Big Boy Beds

Mummy and Daddy had put off getting us big boy beds until Rory got his trachy tube out, because of all the dangers; medical equipment, trachy tube pulling out etc, but when it was confirmed that his tube was staying for at least another year, we all had no choice but to just get on with life and find a way around it.

So, last night whilst we were tucked up in bed, for the last time in our cots, Mummy and Daddy were building our new beds downstairs.

Whilst we were playing downstairs with daddy at 6 this morning, mummy was upstairs dismantling our cots and deep cleaning our bedroom. Whilst we were napping in the car on the drive this morning, mummy and daddy were quickly carrying our new beds upstairs and setting up our room.

We didn’t know ANYTHING!

And then, when we came home from nap time, we were allowed upstairs and it was so exciting. I walked in and looked around, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I jumped on my new bed and then Rory’s, I had a lie down. I chose a book and chilled for a bit. it was very exciting.

Mummy and Daddy wanted to go out again but I didn’t want to leave my new bed, so despite numerous effort, even when Daddy enticed me to the top of the stairs, I still ran back in to my room, jumped on my bed and closed the door behind me.

We are big boys now. How fantastic is that! Grown up beds.

We even noticed the camp bed had gone, does that mean mummy and daddy don’t need to sleep in with us anymore to care for Rory?

Mummy and Daddy took us to asda, we chose new quilts and new bedding, I even found a Thomas DVD and I was so excited to watch that too that I didn’t let go of it until I got home, not even for the lady to scan it.

We called to see great Grandma on the way home, had some cheesy puffs on her sofa,made her day with our charm, went home, watched Thomas and then had our bath and went to bed.

Ladies and Gentleman, this is us, Me and my beautiful precious grown up brother Rory in our big boy beds for the first time!

I would like to write how settled and snug we are, but unfortuantely Mummy has been up and suctioned Rory around 15 times already in the first hour of bedtime. I keep stirring as I can hear the machine. Daddy has gone to football.  Mummy worries that perhaps Rory is allergic to the mattress, the fibres or the ‘new smell’ or that he is getting poorly. Mummy has tried to give him antihistmine in the hope that will help.

Whilst there is no camp bed in our room any more, there is certainly room in our big boy beds and so mummy might be winging it through the night too, perched on the edge of our bed.

Always a drama!


EDIT: within seconds of saving this draft, daddy calls, he’s injured from football, can’t walk, is on his way home and needs Mummy’s help getting inside. So mummy suction’s rory, puts two pink shoes on, legs it outside, is standing at the top of the drive in her pjs, that happen to barely cover her bottom (it is summer) the monitor in one hand listening for Rory’s suctioning needs and the mobile phone in the other, she looks down and she has two left feet, one matt one shiny pink shoe! Daddy roars up the hill, mummy practical carries him down the drive, rory needs suction, mummy legs it upstairs leaving daddy to practically crawl in the house. Mummy then (whilst giving him earache) rubs deep heat gel into his leg, provides ice, a support bandage and returns upstairs to that spot right next to rory in his big boy bed to continue suctioning!

25+ catheters in 3 hours so far!

No husband to share the night shift! Just hope I can be a big boy and sleep through in my new bed!

#allnighter #hopingfornobigbedtears

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