J.A.M files day 3 (the worst one but still smiling) 

Today has been a Reyt laugh!!
It ended with ash walking in to find the house like this…..Those of you that know how tidy my house usually is will find this amusing. In Ashs words ‘it must have been a bad day, you’ve gone crazy’…. I was hysterical with laughter, tears streaming whilst trying to explain how I ended up in this pickle…

08:30….boys up, top and tailed, fed and napping and I’m sat having my breakfast when one of my bestest oldest mates arrived for a quick visit before work. Dog barks….kids are up. Austin was rescued and nodded back to sleep but Rory was wide awake and lapping up the attention. Followed by Austin of course who has the worlds shortest naps. Power hour….I wish!! 

By the time Vicky left it was 10am and I’d gone 30 minutes over feed routine. I’ve always liked routine but have always been led by the boys….but the thing is they love routine just as much as me and if we go slightly off…..its hell on a stick! So…because we went off plan, both boys needed feeding at the same time. My other friend Charlotte was calling at 10, I can hold off til she gets here I thought…..then I get a text, she’s running late. Charming! 
I fed Rory whilst Austin was playing, entertaining him with my right hand whilst my left hand holds Rory and my chin holds the bottle. Then swapped over, done the same gymnastics to feed and entertain (&suction) with only one pair of hands. I managed to feed both and battle through. Charlotte came, I managed to go to the Loo (a luxury) and then we Got ready to go out to hospital for Rorys RSV jab. I dropped Charlotte off at tesco and Made it to the hospital fine. On walking into the hospital, an old lady made the same comment……hands full, then a nurse asked if I’d come on my own. Why do they sound so surprised when I say yes?

On arriving in the outpatients dept, I Couldn’t get through door, two staff had to dismantle the door to get me in. I decided to clip the car seats into the pram for ease and it bit me on the bottom. It makes the pram wider. It was the same to get Into the room. Except I had to dismantle the pram. Whilst waiting in the room both boys were a little restless, I was rocking both in their car Seats on the desk, I offered Austin a plastic rabbit and gave him the responsibility of looking after it. 🙄
Routine is key….feed was due at 1, we left at 12:45 to get there for 1:15 appointment and got home for 230, so their feed was overdue, which has a knock on effect to tea time which is why ash came home to chaos rather than two kids fed, bathed and ready for bed. So…both asleep, I left them in the hallway and pottered around like pink panther….

I fed myself, then Rory woke up! Lord on a bike!!!! Do I change his nappy (as per routine before a feed) or do I just feed him because I need to do it quick before Austin wakes, it’s all about the damage control. I fed him, lay Him down and he cried for two hours. Austin stirred so fed him food then bottle, mid feed dog wanted garden. I let her out and 5 minutes later went to shout her in…..mid chaos by the way…..and she was eating something, now we don’t have food in our garden, so some kind animal must have left her a treat…give me a break pleas……oh and then as if by magic Austin vommed all over. Serious amounts of bodily fluid. I sat on the dining room floor, Stripped us both off, there was a pile of sick with clothes in it, I was trying to keep Rory calm at the same time, so there I was, stuck to the floor with Austin in my arms and Rory lay in front of me, both hysterical and I’m casually sat in my bra and someone posts a Christmas card through the letterbox. I sat praying they were not going to look through the window, I bum shuffled sideways and hid behind the high chair. (Still rolling around laughing at myself writing this) 
So…I had no idea of the time, the rest of the house in darkness, phone on charge in kitchen, I sat and waited for ash to come home….I saw the next door but one neighbour go out in the car so assumed it was between 330 & 430…..I longed for ash to come home and rescue me…..then I saw lights on Ashs car pull down the drive….relief.
Ash walked through the door and we just laughed and laughed! Then tidied up and got the kids to bed. What a day!!!

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