J.A.M files day 4!


Top & tail, cut 20 nails…..no blood, no tears…..maybe today is a good day. Although I’m feeling anxious because Rory has had more Trachy secretions during the night, can’t help but worry that we are going to be set up with him through the night and in hospital for Christmas. 


All fed, boys napping so I wrote an email to the specialist nurse at Sheffield. She is very efficient and I knew she would get back to me. She also reads the blog….(hi Jane, thanks for your help again) and explained my anxieties, a short time later we spoke on the phone and I decided to take him to the GP. Appointment at 12. 

Between sending the email at 08:30 and 12, my friend Kerry arrived with her little one Jonah and my mum came to deliver a baby massage session. I fed the boys and we cracked on. Oh and I did 3 loads of washing. God only knows how I did all the house jobs and worked full time, I’m never still. Now don’t get me wrong I never though being a stay at home mum would be daytime tv and ladies that lunch…..but come on. 

So….my mum hasn’t delivered a baby massage for 5 years, but she was fab. It’s hard missing out on all of the groups and things but with my mum, my friends nat and Chloe all working in that field, we are never short of activities. 

The boys really enjoyed baby massage. I quickly dressed Rory and rushed off to the Drs leaving my mum with Austin, Kerry and Jonah. 

The Dr gave Rory a full examination and said that he thought Rory was coming ditch with a viral infection and it could well be RSV / Bronch again. By my reckoning that means hospital for Christmas although we may be surprised and he may fight it this time. Who knows. 

I got back, mum rushed off and me & Kerry spent the afternoon with the 3 musketeers who kept us on our toes. 

After Kerry went I thought to myself…..2 hours til ash gets home…..I managed to get both boys down for a nap, just as I did I got a text from Nat asking if I needed anything as she had just finished work. I text back saying no, I was ok but to call if she fancied a cuppa. Two minutes later she knocked on the door, beau barked and both boys woke up, luckily there were two of us to cuddle them until ash walked through the door. 

Thanks Nat!!!

1 more day to go!!!!

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