Day 20 30/4/16

Mummy and daddy arrived super early today after an unsettled night to find us both tucked up, sleeping, in a room so quiet and still – you could hear a pin drop.

In a normal world a poorly baby needs their mummy / daddy cuddles to get better…in our world we had to sacrifice the half hour cuddles we are lucky to get in a day, so that we could rest to build our strength and get better. 

Mummy and daddy sat at the sides of our incubator in silence for most of the day. They snook in on the hour to feed us through our tube and snook back out without disturbing us.

The Dr gave mummy and daddy an update today and he explained that the problem we had with our heart/lungs is playing a part in the unsettled breathing / saturations and that the problem with us having so much oxygen (which settles us and keeps us safe) is that it can affect our eyes. The Dr said that we are waiting on blood results still to confirm the suspected infection and that we should know what we are dealing with by Tuesday. That seems so far away! 

On the way home mummy and daddy drove past the hillsborough ground and they put the windows down to listen to the crowd. Mummy told daddy that she couldn’t wait to take us to our first football match (probably not at hillsborough) and wipe tomato ketchup from our chops after scoffing a hot dog. Cue shiny eyes!

Mummy and daddy told us that Nannie and Grandad Hardy (& uncle Craig, uncle Pete and Aunty Sue) are busy setting up our new holiday pad so that when we are big we can have lots of holiday fun. We can’t wait! 

Here are some pictures of us from today….can you guess who is who?

Big sister Beau didn’t want to be left out….

One Reply to “Day 20 30/4/16”

  1. Mummy & daddy endure long days sat watching you boys twitching & gurgling& making squeaky noises, all which make them very happy, you both doing amazing other than a few blips so rest safely tonight so you can be stronger tomorrow, sleep tight Rory & Austin tomorrow is another day sending big hugs. Uncle Clarry was excited about SWFC ha ha xxxxx


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