Our 21st day 1/5/16

Mummy and daddy enjoyed a nice cup of tea in their new cups this morning before they came to visit. Mummy’s friend Jo bought them as a gift now that mummy can drink tea again. 

When mummy and daddy arrived at the hospital they were followed through the doors by the embrace team who transport babies to different hospitals. They were taking a baby from our room to a hospital in Lincoln nearer their mummy and daddy and so mummy and daddy had to wait nearly an hour before they could see us. 

Eventually they could come in and it was just in time for our hourly feed. Mummy took Austin and daddy fed me. Mummy called over the nurse, as she had tried to suck out the contents of Austins tummy with the Syringe prior to feeding, she had failed to get anything out. Mummy didn’t believe that his tummy was totally empty so asked the nurse to check, the nurse came over and told mummy that Austin had pulled his feeding tube completely out. The nurse had to give him a new one into his tummy so that mummy could continue to feed him. Austin did this 3 more times today. Even when mummy was cuddling us and the nurse had to fit him a new tube whilst we were cuddling. Mummy didn’t like it at all. Daddy took the picture because he said it was a very ‘real’ image of our days at the hospital. 

Mummy told us about her friend Debra who had sent us a message to tell us that when Austin and I were born, she got two plants called Barnsley Baby, and that she had been giving them cares and helping them grow and that just like us they were ready for a new pot (just like us moving to HDU) and Debra said that when we are home these plants will be ready for the garden. Mummy said that this was very thoughtful of Debra. Here are the plants….I wonder what they will look like when they grow big. 

The Dr gave mummy and daddy an update today, they said that I needed a blood transfusion again and more antibiotics and Im still waiting for confirmation of my infection. Daddy said that’s ok but mummy said in what world is your baby needing a blood transfusion ‘OK’ but I suppose for babies like us, that’s no big deal. 

We have been weighed again today, Austin weighs 1053g and I am 950g. 

Mummy had us out for cuddles again today, we weren’t 100% settled though so daddy didn’t get cuddles this time. It’s been ages since we felt his big hands around us. Here are some pictures of us cuddling mummy…and each other….

Daddy fed us whilst we were cuddling mummy…

I also kicked Austin in the face during cuddles to get my own back on all the times Austin kicked me when we were in mummy’s tummy. 

I had to be put back in my incubator because the Dr came and I needed to get ready for my blood transfusion but mummy had a little chat with Austin…

Mummy told Austin that we are cute when we blow bubbles, she said that she is going to buy us a bubble machine for the garden. Mummy also told us that our new seaside pad is ready and that mummy and daddy are taking big sister beau tonight for a nosey and a walk round the lake. They are coming home though just in case we need them. 

Hoping for more cuddles tomorrow 💙💙

2 Replies to “Our 21st day 1/5/16”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen photographs of a mum so in love with her children, and at the same time almost helpless. The second picture down brought a tear. Beautiful. x


  2. Beautiful pictures Kelly, so natural, hope Rory is ok tonight after his blood transfusion. They are both gaining weight nicely, hope they both have a good night so you can both have cuddles tomorrow, love to you all xxxxx


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