Dry your eyes mate…

Mummy declared that she was having a ‘sad day’ today and so mummy and daddy were a little later than usual. Daddy says that mummy is allowed to have sad days because nobody can be strong forever. Big sister Beau and daddy gave mummy lots of love. Mummy dried her eyes and pulled herself together for another day spent on the neonatal care unit with me and Rory.

When mummy and daddy got to the hospital they came straight into my room (Austin) and asked for an update. Through the night my oxygen levels had been up to 97% but I was still on my Bipap. Clinging on and fighting. Here I am all tucked up when mummy and daddy arrived…

and nurse Katrina said that mummy and daddy could have their first cuddle. Here are pictures of our first cuddle…mummy had shiny eyes and said that it was worth waiting 17 days for a cuddle!

Whilst cuddling mummy and daddy, I had my first cry…it absolutely melted mummy and daddy…

Daddy fed me through my tube whilst mummy was holding me.

After lots of cuddles mummy and daddy made sure I was settled and cosy in a nice clean bed…

Then they went to Rory’s room for cuddles with him. They did his cares first. Rory made them giggle because every time the nurse tucked his legs in, he spread them out again round mummy’s tummy. Here are some pictures…

Mummy cried when Rory stretched out his hand and placed it on her chest…

Mummy left daddy with Rory whilst she went to the milk room, when she came back nearly 40 minutes later, they were still hugging, daddy said he didn’t want to let go. Mummy said she can’t wait until she can hold us both together. She told the nurse that she wants to put us in her pocket and run off with us! I think she meant it. Here is daddy being greedy with hugs…

Rory cried too for daddy…

Mummy and daddy made sure Rory was settled in a nice clean bed and left us tucked up for the night…

When mummy and daddy got home they gave big sister Beau Jangles our muslin cloths so that she can get used to our smell…

It wasn’t long before she was curled up with them in her bed…

Mummy and daddy rang my room (Austin) at 10pm and I wasn’t there…..I’ve only been promoted to HDU with Rory. I seem to have mastered Bipap first time and I’ve been stable and so they swapped me with a poorly baby and put me in room 2 with my brother. Daddy had shiny eyes and mummy and daddy got excited about cuddling us both at the same time. Daddy wanted to go right now! 

Mummy said that she daren’t relax yet because even though we’ve had a run of good days, it doesn’t mean that a bad day won’t come or that we will stay out of intensive care forever.

I say that now we are back together…..we are going to run all the way to special care and then home where we belong!


2 Replies to “Dry your eyes mate…”

  1. I think everyone who reads this post tonight will be moved by it, you have both touched all our hearts, really pleased Austin has joined his brother now making it so much better for mummy & daddy, loved your video’s too. Sending big hugs to you all, mummy & daddy are amazing too xxxx


  2. Keep running little buddies you’ll be home safe and sound soon. Lots of love and cuddles and sloppy kisses from Beau xxx


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