Now we’re back together….

Mummy and daddy had a morning off today, they needed some time away from the hospital and so they went to Meadowhell to spend mummy’s birthday gift voucher. Mummy hates Meadowhall and although they were there less than an hour, they managed to get mummy and daddy lots of new clothes and mummy 6 pairs of shoes….daddy says she has to chuck all of her old ones away, standing on her feet for hours and hours at the side of our incubators makes for very sweaty feet! 

Before making the stop at Meadowhall…mummy and daddy made a detour to babies r us. Daddy wanted to buy everything for us and even looked at getting us a vw camper that we can ride. Mummy had to drag him out….we aren’t big enough for that yet. Mummy and daddy got excited about sand and water trays and mud kitchens in the garden. Reality kicked in and they returned to the baby shop, purchasing special bath seats and sleep bags for us…and we still can’t fit in them yet. At Meadowhall mummy and daddy called in mothercare and asked the lady if they stocked premature baby clothing, the lady showed them tiny baby size and said that’s the smallest they stock. Tiny baby is for babies who weigh 5lbs, we only weigh 4lbs 2 together so they were still much too big. 

Mummy and daddy whizzed home to collect big sister Beau Jangles from the groomers, they don’t want her to feel left out so they took her for a much needed hair cut and pamper session. They dropped her off at Nannies and made their way through to visit us.

When mummy and daddy arrived, they asked for an update on us both, Rory had been super stable, now only on 21% oxygen which means he is just using air. I (Austin) had been a little bit rocky and so my oxygen levels were high and I had been given sodium to support my kidneys. Mummy and daddy asked for cuddles and the nurses explained that because of the machines and the wires, it would be impossible to for us to cuddle together, but that mummy and daddy could take one of us each.

Just before our cuddles a physiotherapist lady came to see mummy and daddy to talk to them about the things they can do with us in the incubator to help with our development. She gave mummy a book and I could tell that mummy couldn’t wait to read it. She also gave mummy a kangaroo pouch so that she can take off her clothes and bra and snuggle us in her pouch so that we can have proper skin to skin which the hospital call kangaroo care. 

Here is mummy cuddling Rory in her new pouch…

Mummy got really excited when he started with hiccups…
Here is a picture of Rory with mummy and daddy…

Then when I had finally settled, daddy got to have a cuddle with me (Austin). My oxygen levels kept dropping and so the nurse told daddy to hold my mouth closed to keep the oxygen in. 

Mummy asked the nurses to push mummy and daddy’s chairs together so we could have our first family picture, here it is…

Mummy and daddy had lots of cuddles and then they did our cares and tucked us up in clean bedding before leaving us for the night…

Can you guess who is who? Mummy and daddy are useless. We are going to have so much fun tricking them.

Big sister Beau Jangles was cuddled up nice with our muslin squares again tonight…

And daddy decided to wash our new premature baby clothes so that they are ready for us when we are well enough to wear them. Our daddy is amazing!


2 Replies to “Now we’re back together….”

  1. So please that everything is going so well. I am really enjoying the blog that the boys are writing (even as young as they are).


  2. So lovely to here you are both doing so well, I love the fact you are making mummy & daddy much happier now they have heard you cry, hiccup and be cuddled too. You are doing amazing all of you, can’t wait to here what you been up to tomorrow, sending hugs xxxx


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