Our 16th day 26/04/16

I’m still on my Bipap! It’s really hard work but I’m doing so well….even better than Rory. He did 11 hours on his first try and he went back on the ventilator before mastering Bipap on his second try. I’ve done 28 hours and counting….

Rory has moved onto the next level though so I haven’t quite caught up yet. Rory is trying flat Cpap now. Its not as complicated as it sounds, the ventilator fully supports our breathing, Bipap and Cpap allows us to breath for ourself but offers pressure to keep our lungs slightly inflated and stop them collapsing, each one…ventilator – Bipap – Cpap – high flow….is a step in the right direction to us breathing on our own, although nurse Andrea explained today that it wouldn’t be unusual for babies like us to go home with oxygen support. Mummy says as long as she can take us both home she doesn’t care, she loves us all around the world no matter what and mummy and daddy will give us the best care we need! 

Mummy went to work this morning, she told me that all of the children were really excited to see her and were asking lots of questions about me and Rory. Mummy said that even though she would rather be at the hospital with us, she had to sort out all of her work because she didn’t get chance before we arrived and she wants to hand over her job properly. She said she can’t wait to spend the next year with us both and won’t miss work at all. 

Mummy and daddy bought us some new muslin squares, they are the only thing we are allowed of our own and so they bought us more, washed them all, wrote our names on the label and brought them for us. Here is a picture of us settled in our fresh new beds….

 Daddy told us that we were very lucky because lots of people  had sent us presents and that a special box came today from Dez, Kelsey and Paisley with a whole new wardrobe of special premature baby clothes, some keepsake boxes, a special guardian angel bracelet for mummy and a bath bomb! Daddy said Uncle Dez loves a good bath bomb! Mummy and daddy said they are saving all of the cards and presents until we come home so we can open them together but mummy thought the box was some things she had bought from the Internet and opened it up. Oops! We are very lucky to have so many people who love us and spoil us already and we can’t wait to read all of your lovely cards and open your presents. Me and Rory say a big thank you!

Mummy told us that we are famous! Lots of people are reading about us every day, over twelve thousand times people have visited our blog that mummy writes about us every day. People all over the world are reading it too….

Mummy and daddy had cuddles with Rory again… 

Mummy held me inside the incubator but nurse Andrea said if I’m doing a good job on my Bipap still tomorrow, mummy and daddy can cuddle me too…..

Mummy agreed to giving me a tiny dummy to support my Bipap breathing to plug the oxygen. She absolutely hates it and says even though it is tiny it takes over my beautiful face, but says she will always do what is best for us although I am not allowed to take it home with me….

3 Replies to “Our 16th day 26/04/16”

  1. Well done Austin you done amazing, Rory is keeping his eye on you. I can tell you are both thriving now, keep taking mummy’s milk. You are both melting our hearts, be good for mummy & Daddy, you are all so very brave, sending more kisses & hugs xxxx


  2. You are so strong Ash and kell, your boys are beautiful and I pray for you ever day, love you all lots and lots and lots 💙💙💖💙xxxxxx


  3. How’s your little boys doing Mrs Hardy?
    Big kiss for them both and a big hug for you &Ash!!!
    Lots of love
    Tracy B xxxxxx


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