An apple a day…

I like apples, and pears as it happens, but mostly apples and everyone gets all happy about it when I eat one. They laugh at my apple eating ways – the grown up cuts it into slices and i bite the middle out of each one, placing the remainder of each slice at the side of my plate, and then I go back and put them all back on my plate and take one piece at a time and eat the skin left over. I like apples. Today I led Mummy to the kitchen (i’m really enjoying this ‘follow the leader’ style of communicating, they are really trying hard to help me communicate and so the grown up rule in our house is that if Rory is communicating, in any way, shape or form, go with it and make a deal of it, so they follow me everywhere. I like it best when they have just sat down and I grab their hand and they get straight up and follow me, and I don’t even take them anywhere, I just like that I have the power and they follow me) anyway, I led her to the kitchen and she asked me if I would like an apple. She was trying to teach me the makaton sign for apple, and took one from the fruit bowl and gave it to me. I knew what to do straight away and bit into it. Mummy and Daddy were amazed, they said I was a grown up boy and really clever. I was enjoying the big red juicy apple so much that it was dribbling down my chin with every bite.

This was the start of our day. Daddy did nap time in the car park at ASDA whilst Mummy did the food shop. I heard her telling Dad she had bought LOADS of new foods for us now that we have started to actually eat food. I can’t wait to see her try and con us with beetroot chips and cauliflour hash browns!

We went to a new park after ASDA. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate our life now, our 3rd winter yet our first winter where we have been able to live and I mean really LIVE!!

Anyway, the park, It wasn’t too far away, in fact it was very close to a house that Mummy & Daddy almost bought, so it was almost our local park, we had lots of fun, Austin grass sledged and I decided that I was hungry. Luckily enough the shopping was in the car and Mummy offered me a pear, which I ate like a grown up – which also excied mummy & daddy. I also ate a slice of bread. I mean WOW – we are making huge steps in the fussy eating here. Or rather I am – Austin is still stuck in the world of dry and crispy!

When we got home, Nannie & Grandad came to visit and Uncle Craig & Uncle Calum. Mummy let us have our hour of pads early and Uncle Craig & Uncle Calum were teaching us how to use them because Mummy can’t do it.

Tomorrow is a nursery day, and i’m not going because we don’t have nurse cover, Mummy had put the clothes at the bottom of the stairs ready, I spotted that there was only one pair of new school shoes, one set of uniform and one bag packed ready. As well as one set of normal clothes. I took the socks off the pile and threw them on the floor on my way up to bed. Mummy can’t help but wonder if I know and if I feel sad about missing out, and she is slightly anxious about trying to get back into routine tomorrow, with one at nursery and one not. She finds it so so so hard.

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