January Pink

Throwback to last years January blog (January Blues) and we are in a much different place yet still stuck in the exact same room, albeit with fresh decor!

Last January Mummy & Daddy woke at 3am to Rory – blue in colour and not breathing. His trachy had blocked up. They acted fast, did an emergency tube change, sorted him out and luckily nothing of this nature as happened since. He has kept breathing and stayed lovely and pink! Hopefully the first and last time but a reminder of why, in winter months, especially back then when Rory was most poorly, mummy and daddy shared the night shifts and stayed awake with him. SOme days, when the weather is damp or Rory has increased secretions, we are all still on with the same shift patterns, 4 hours sleep. 10-2 or 2-6, but actually, if we are honest, this past year has been much easier and I (Austin) am the night problem. Rory sleeps well. Only if he has increased secretions, or has pulled his nose off in the night and has dried out, Mummy or Daddy lay on the sofa bed in our room and keep an eye on him. I, on the other hand, invade Mummy & Daddys bed most nights, doing my best octupus impression, stabbing them in the face with my toenails or carrying out random kicks and punches in places that take daddys breath away. Often forcing a grumpy daddy onto the sofa bed anyway.

In last years blog, we talked a lot about our reflux because well, anyone with a reflux baby will know. It was tough.

Two babies who vomited large amounts, EVERY feed,

with a suction machine and trachy thrown in for good measure…..it was a nightmare. Yet we managed, we outgrew, we conquered it. This is no longer a part of our life.

We had lots of respiratory infections, 6 in total in Jan 2016. We had numerous hospital appointments. Moving forward to now, no respiratory infections, no hospital admissions, and few hospital appointments.

It is so easy to forget how hard it was. We are in a much much better place now.

However, we still blogged about being stuck inside, Mummys lack of adult conversation and the difference a visitor made to our day.

And thankfully this is our last winter hiding inside.

28 more days stuck inside and we will be back, well, almost….we will be able to join in with more, but still being careful until we have Rorys appointment for his trachy. And we still don’t know when that is yet.

So what have we been up to this January? It may read that we have been extremely busy for folk stuck in the house at home, but this is a months worth of activities…

In the whole month of January, we managed to leave the house and get out to;

The Deep.

Our first Hartbeeps Happy House class. No photographs were taken as we were so overwhelmed with other kids and strange environment that we cried the whole time.

The Mothercare sale. This is us queueing to the till (for an hour) for our Β£600 worth of bargains for Β£78!

and our cool new hats for summer πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

Wigfield Farm.

The Park at the bottom of our street.

A walk up to Hoyland.

The park with Jodie & Louie.

Visit the horses at Auntie Mandy & Auntie Chloes yard.

Wigfield Farm (again).

The Park (again)

Our second Hartbeeps class. Rory slept the entire time. I did my own thing and went wild… 10 adventures outside of the front door. Doesn’t seem that bad until you look at it as 21 days stuck inside all day!

These were all well-managed risks. Outdoors on mild days is perfect for us. Visiting places like the farm, or the deep where we aren’t really touching other toys that have been touched by other kids or being close with other children, is good for us.

We have had some visitors (Sorry, I don’t have pictures of you all);

Nannie & Grandad H before they got poorly and we didn’t see them for a fortnight.

Nannie & Grandad Newbs visited…

Uncle Key & Auntie Claire called in.

Jodie & Louie came for a play date. We walked to Elsecar park for lunch and then went to the park near our house because there was nobody else there.

Amie & Heidi came to visit us for some playroom fun.

Lou & Princess katie came for a tea party.

Lucy & Frankie visited and both times all 3 of us little people were in meltdown mode. 😩

Auntie Nat Nat came to collect some toys we donated to playgroup.

Auntie Mandy & Auntie Chloe visited to bring a really cool storybook that Auntie Mandy had made for us.

And we have done lots of playing inside in our playroom;

The top 3 things that stand out the most are;

When I made my own way downstairs whilst everyone else was asleep.

Our really unsuccessful return to baby class because even though it didn’t quite go to plan, it’s a step in the direction of normality.

Our little faces when mummy gets our shoes and coat and we know we are going somewhere. And how much we enjoy being with the animals.


Countdown: 28 days.

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