🙌🏽 Preemie friends 🙌🏽

So, mummy and daddy arrived again to do our 9am feed although slightly late because mummy woke at 8:05am and that wasn’t quite long enough to get a shower, eat breakfast and drive to the hospital for 9. We don’t mind. We were sleeping anyway. 

Mummy and daddy fed us a bottle, did our cares and had cuddles…

Then another mum from the unit bobbed into our room to say hello. She had hyperemesis like mummy too and spent time in ward 14. She was telling mummy that she went to Meadowhall and had to go home because seeing all the mummy’s with their babies was just too much. Mummy said she understood. The other mummy was saying how she had spent time with her baby in other hospitals too and how different it was at Barnsley. Mummy told daddy that she was glad she had met a preemie friend for when he goes back to work because they will be long days sat in our tiny cupboard room with us two day dreamers.

For those of you who helped fund raise at mummy’s old school in Doncaster, this is where the funds are going…towards the tiny hearts appeal, because Barnsley babies are desperate for a new unit. 

Mummy and daddy went home for some dinner and to collect some AstroTurf, railway sleepers and fixings to pimp out our boy hut. Once mummy got home, she rang the hospital to check on us and the nurse said they were moving us into the nursery. The nursery room is the final pit stop before home, so this was kind of exciting, although we liked our own room and change of routine freaks mummy out. So, mummy felt the need, much to daddy’s dismay, to drop everything and go through because……wait for it…..mummy felt stressed that all of our things would end up getting mixed up and not put away in the right order.

When mummy and daddy arrived. Rorys machine was pinging. The amount of oxygen in his body had dropped and it wasn’t coming back up. Mummy and daddy did everything they knew to bring him back up but instead Rory went blue, limp and continued to beep. Mummy ran round the unit to find a nurse who then came in, did all of the things mummy and daddy had already tried and then daddy said ‘is the oxygen point even working right?’ The nurse checked and it wasn’t, there was no oxygen coming out of it. The nurse moved the cot swiftly to the next oxygen point, turned the oxygen up to max and we slowly saw him turn back to a normal colour. Mummy grabbed him and held him tight, you could see the panic on her face. 

Then…mummy started to taking to another mummy in the room. We recognise her. We shared a room with her baby at Jessops. We had the exact same due date but her baby came at 30 weeks, when we were already 4 weeks old. Her baby was breathing ok and so got transferred back to Barnsley before us. That mummy agrees with mummy that it is very different here. Mummy is so glad to have another mummy friend. 

Mummy and daddy did our 6pm cares and feed and had cuddles…

Then Nannie & Grandad arrived…

Nannie gave mummy a photograph from when she was a baby. So mummy got one of daddy from Nannie Newborough.

Here is mummy….

Here is daddy…

Who do you think we look like?

3 Replies to “🙌🏽 Preemie friends 🙌🏽”

  1. I think the Mum you met who told the story about Meadowhall is one of my old school friends. She’s so lovely, I admire both of you for being able to go through all this.


  2. Sorry ash but I think those two cuties look like mummy looking at the photos from when you were both babies. I would also like to say I work while midnight five days a week and I so have to have my daily fix of the blog before I can go to bed. Love to Austin and Rory xx and not forgetting you two your both doing a brilliant job xxx


  3. So glad you are ok Rory it was quite scary reading about your blip this morning, it was a good job mummy arrived when she did. Loved all your pictures again, you are both so cute, bet you enjoying having visitors too. The cuddles are so good too. Sending hugs boys xxxxx


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