Twin in the tub Tuesday! 

Wow! It’s been a busy day today. 

Mummy and daddy came for our 9am feed after dropping Beau off at Nannies. Mummy was a little down so daddy was treading on egg shells….we could tell.

It should have been Grandad Ian’s 80th birthday today. Mummy was really close to him and she misses him very much. We think that’s why mummy has kept busy.

Mummy and daddy found us like this….

Austin was fast asleep with his trumpy bum in the air and I, Rory was lay giggling (silently) trying not to wake him. It made mummy and daddy laugh a lot. Daddy asked mummy when us trumping stops being funny. Daddy says we are so funny, we make him laugh every day.

Daddy left us with mummy for a while and mummy took us one at a time and held us close. We had both had our feed. Here is Austin – milk drunk.

Mummy sang to us today. She sang a song that she says reminds her of us, here it is…
So….when daddy got back, we had a bath. And yes….we still loved it.

Austin went first…

Mummy and daddy think it’s hilarious how he has developed a pout face. 

Here I am with my bath….

Then we got dressed and tucked up warm in our fresh bed.

Then mummy and daddy went home to get lots of things ready for when we come home. Mummy and Daddy have been washing all of our things ready for when we need them. Beau Jangles had been to the groomers and so mummy washed all of her beds and toys and all of the soft furnishings, cleaned the house, bleached the floors, dettol’d thesilk flowers and pretty much blitzed every germ in the house – it was only a week since she last did this,Daddy and Uncle Craig think she is obsessed. 

All of our family met at Grandads bench to have a drink to celebrate his birthday and then Grandad and Daddy started work on our boy hut whilst Uncle Craig mowed stripes in our soon – to – be footy pitch. We are so lucky to have such an amazing family. 😘

One Reply to “Twin in the tub Tuesday! ”

  1. Some lovely pictures of you both again today I can see you are both are being more alert with eyes open looking around, you are loving the bath too which makes you feel better I know. Not be long now boys before you home you are on the last lap I’m sure, hope you have a lovely day, the sun is going to shine for you again, sending hugs xxxxx


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