🎢 never been here before….I’m intrigued and unsure…🎢

What a day! I’m not sure whether today’s story is best told by mummy, or the boys! It has probably been a very different experience for me than it has for them…to say the least! For the boys…an adventure…road trip…for me….one of the toughest days since I gave birth to them over 9 weeks ago! 

Here goes….

Mummy called this morning and the nurse looking after us wasn’t available to take the call and so another nurse told mummy briefly that we were OK. Mummy explained that they would be in to visit in the next couple of hours and she jumped in the shower. Un be known  to mummy, whilst she was in the shower, her phone had rang with the anxiously anticipated news…..we were going to Barnsley. The phone rang again and daddy answered it before telling mummy to hurry in the shower….the race was on to get to Sheffield before the embrace ambulance did so that mummy and daddy could travel with us.

Mummy and daddy crawled through the traffic in hillsborough, seeing a number of ambulances on the way there, panicking that they were our ride and we would be on the way back before they even got there. They even ran through the car park, up the hospital stairs and to our room…..to find us lay in our cot, no embrace team, no hurry necessary.

We had both been stable on our low flow and so we could both have a bottle. My first, rorys 3rd. This is one big mountain we are raring to climb! Here I am having my first bottle. I managed 20ml of a 46ml feed.

Then Rory had his third attempt….

Mummy packed all of our things and made sure we had everything we needed. Whilst we were sat waiting, lots of nurses came and said their goodbyes because word got round we were going. They were reminiscing about the rough ride we have had and saying how well we have done. Mummy got teary because she felt sad leaving  behind our nicu family. She promised we would visit when we were bigger and that we would do the buggy push next year. Sounds exciting.

Embrace finally arrived to take me and mummy. I had to have ear defenders on and be strapped into a spaceship ready to go. Here are the pictures from my journey…..

We made the bumpy journey down the a61 and then the m1 to Barnsley. Mum zoned out on the journey, just as all saints were on the radio, she thought the lyrics were quite pertinent….

🎢 take me somewhere I can breathe, I got so much to see…….I’m coming 🎢

🎢 never been here before, I’m intrigued and unsure 🎢

Anyway…….we arrived in Barnsley. The place is different, the equipment is different, the people are different, the rules are different, the medicine we are allowed is different, the food we get…is different and pretty much everything mummy knows about  being a mum….is no longer the right thing to do because every hospital has different policies and procedures and so mummy feels like we are starting all over again. 

So….I’d lost 3 monitoring lines, mummy wasn’t ready for that at all. The drastic change in lines, wires and monitors scares the hell out of her. I was no longer been given caffeine and mummy’s and daddy’s aren’t usually allowed to do tube feeds, although mummy talked to the nurses and showed them she could do it, so she is allowed now. 

At Jessops, there is always a nurse assigned to each of us and we are NEVER left alone, in fact even mummy and daddy have NEVER been left alone with us. In Barnsley,we are in our own room without a nurse and so when mummy and I were left alone, that was the very first time, in two and a half month……and she was crying sad tears. πŸ˜” it also means when mummy and daddy aren’t here, we are alone in our room, mummy doesn’t feel great about that. 

Here are pictures of me in Barnsley waiting for Rory. 

As you can see….it is very different. 
Once the nurses left us, mummy held my hand and had a little cry. She felt very alone in a whole new world. 

Eventually she plucked up courage to leave me and go for a sandwich. It was 5pm and she hadn’t eaten since breakfast. 

Meanwhile, daddy had fed and changed Rory and waited for embrace to arrive. Like me, Rory had ear defenders and a spaceship. Except his temperature was low and so he had to have a cardigan and hat to travel with, it wasn’t matching and it wasn’t his….but hey…he was warm. Here is rorys transfer in pictures…

Daddy said that Rory didn’t like the journey very much. In fact the ambulance stopped after 30 seconds, before they even got off the street of the hospital because his heart rate dropped. Daddy said it was scary.

Mummy asked daddy what songs were playing in rorys ambulance and he said 🎢 I wasn’t expecting that🎢 πŸ™ˆ

Here we are after we were both admitted to Barnsley and settled.

Mummy rang Nannie and grandad hardy to come and collect them because daddy’s car was still in Sheffield. Mummy said that now we are special care babies they can have a little cuddle. Cue: shiny eyes. Nannie said she had never waited as long for anything in her life. Grandad said ‘words fail me’

I think we could get used to life in special care. I reckon we might have done the tough bit….this might be a piece of cake. Although maybe not for mummy because having less monitors and being on our own scares her, she even tested the two plastic chairs earlier to see if she could sleep on them….impossible. 

Just as mum and dad were leaving, mummy kissed us both on the head and said ‘look after each other’….I shook my head. Everyone laughed. 

There will be trouble ahead! 


2 Replies to “🎢 never been here before….I’m intrigued and unsure…🎢”

  1. Wow scary but exciting times in this major step! Love the blog and think you are amazing to do it! If Jessops weren’t happy they wouldn’t be there and is another major step nearer home and hopefully slightly less stressful with the travel for you both Big hugs stay stron you are ALL AMAZING !πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜


  2. Well boys I thought all my tears had dried up until I read your blog this morning, I am thrilled to little mint balls that you have made it special care, Sheffield have done an amazing job which we will never forget. Well done Austin for trying your 1st bottle I knew you could do it. I had tears when mummy was talking about getting to you both before the embrace ambulance got there, I was so relieved they did. Bet you thought you was in a space shuttle, this will be so funny when you look at all these pictures when you are older. Finally when I saw grandma & grandad holding you both I burst into tears as I know how much it meant to them. I hope you both had a settled night in Barnsley and you were good for the nurses. Bet mummy & daddy will be racing to see you this morning. Sending hugs & kisses to you both xxxxx


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