🎶 ‘I want you back….for good’ 🎶

Mum called this morning to hear some good news! I (Austin) made it to low flow. It has been a really tough journey, much harder than Rorys but I can almost breathe on my own, needing only a ‘low flow’ of oxygen. At the moment I am only having the same support as Rory but he will possibly not need any for much longer. But then again our chronic lung disease might mean we both go home needing a little bit.

Mum arrived at the hospital by herself again today because daddy was experiencing the daily car park battle all by himself. Mummy didn’t want to miss my feed so she left him there, waiting. When she got to our room the nurse said they were going to put us back in our twin cot. We could see that mummy was delighted! She ran off back to the car park to tell daddy and to collect the clean blankets she had kept in the car every day since we were separated, patiently waiting for this moment, when we were put back together. 

The nurse also said that Rory could try another bottle (his second) and that I can try my first one tomorrow if I am still coping with low flow. So mummy (& daddy when he finally arrived) organised all of our things into the new cot drawers and got us clean bedding, clean clothes and cardigans ready for life outside of the incubators again. Daddy tube fed me in the cot and I dropped off to sleep, starfishing in my double bed whilst mummy began bottle feeding Rory again.

Mummy and daddy made the most of being able to get us out easier for cuddles…daddy even took selfies and daddy NEVER does silly things like selfies, he thinks he is too cool for that! 

Then we were finally back together for cuddles in our twin cot.

Auntie Mandy says that mummy can take our pram home now. She said it was bad luck at first so we kept it in the study at Nannie and Grandad Hardys. Mummy packed it in the boot and brought it home……we bet she’s been pushing it round the house now practising. 🙈🙊

When mummy got home tonight, she’d had a special message from one of the nurses that looked after her, when she was in and out of hospital, when we were in her tummy and she had hyperemesis. 6 months ago! She looked after mummy one night when she was really upset and mummy will never forget it. She messaged to say she is following the blog and had a little boy herself who was on special care recently and that she knows how hard it is for mummy. Mummy likes it when people understand because unless you have been a nicu mum….you just won’t get it 🙅🏼

5 Replies to “🎶 ‘I want you back….for good’ 🎶”

  1. Wishing you all the best ,congratulations to you both, They are lovely little miracles, they will soon be playing football with the Grandad before you know it . Xx


  2. So lovely to see you (Rory) taking your bottle, I bet you really enjoyed it. Let’s hope your big brother will be able to have his bottle tomorrow. Your mummy & daddy are now preparing for your home coming, it is going to be so exciting. Still cannot tell you apart. Hope you have a settled night tonight which is starting to be the norm. You are little miracles, sending big hugs xxxxx


  3. Austin and Rory are so lucky to have such a lovely mummy and daddy and soon they will be luckier as they will get to come home with you both . The day you get to bring them home will be amazing and that day will come you just have to wait a little longer than other mummies and trust me I know how hard that is but it will be so worth the wait xxx


  4. No way are you too cool for selfies! Sorry I missed ya leaving Jesssop-I go on holiday and you sneak out! Hope all is going well. Becs x


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