9 weeks wiser! 

Daddy was looking at our first photos last night when he turned to mummy with shiny eyes and said ‘I just don’t know how they’ve survived, I just don’t know how they’ve done it’ 😢 The truth is we don’t know either, I just followed Austin into the big world and I suppose we don’t know any different. We can’t wait to go home though because home must be an amazing place, it’s all everyone goes on about….getting us home. Mummy used to say to the Drs she would do nicu visits for ten years if she knew we would go home in the end, but she lied because it’s only been 9 weeks and I heard her say to daddy today that she’s ‘lost her shizz’ whatever that means. I just know it can’t be good because daddy thanked the nurse today for cheering mummy up by putting us in our cute baby vests that made mummy smile.

Mummy and Daddy brought Tina & Tracey’s cake in today. The Drs and nurses thought it was great. Nobody wanted to cut it because it was so pretty but the nurse looking after us today (one of our favourites) snook out and came back with a little white tissue package, mummy asked if it was cake and she said no, then daddy saw her in the corner scoffing it. It was so funny. 

Mummy also rocked up with ‘magic scissors’ today. She said we were going to have fun. I’m not sure what happened with my fingers and toes but I wouldn’t say it was fun. I don’t think Austin would either. I think she lied. Mummy asked the nurse if parents normally just rock up with scissors to do their babies nails, the nurse laughed and said no, but they know what mummy is like. 🙈

Mummy and daddy were talking to the Dr about twins today and the Dr said how interesting we were. He was saying how there is much debate about twins running in families and whether it was fraternal or identical twins that run in families, but we have both. Grandad Malc is an identical twin and Great Grandma Jean a fraternal twin. He was also saying how the reason why IVF has a high risk of multiples is because of putting multiple eggs back inside the mummy, except we were only one egg (the lucky last) and we divided into two to make identical twins…..IVF twins are nearly always fraternal. So the conclusion was that we are completely natural, not following a family gene or as a result of IVF, just that we were sent to make our mummy and daddy’s dreams come true. 

Mummy had asked the nurses to re-weigh us. So they did. And it turns out that we are now pretty much the same, both around 5lb 7oz. 

Mummy and daddy had lots of cuddles….

The nurse looking after us is going home to Africa for a month. She said she doesn’t expect us to be here when she gets back but that she will never forget the Hardy Twins and that we must come back to visit when we are bigger. The nurse said that she will never forget when mummy was having a stress because we didn’t have any nipples and the nurse said ‘Kelly, your babies can’t even breathe yet and you are bothered about nipples’ everyone laughed. Mummy and daddy wished her well and daddy thanked her for everything. As mummy and daddy walked down the corridor, mummy noticed that daddy had shiny eyes. Mummy asked why and daddy said because she was the first nurse to look after us when daddy was on his own because mummy was poorly and having her operation. Mummy smiled. We will always be grateful to Nurse D. 🇿🇼

2 Replies to “9 weeks wiser! ”

  1. I have loved looking at your pictures again today, I think they secretly put you both in a grow bag over night, you are both a lovely weight now, I hope you didn’t eat any of the cake ha ha. I bet you both enjoyed your cuddles today you looked like you did. So glad you both cheered mummy up today looking swanky in your new vests. Still can’t tell who is who so let’s hope one of you have a mole somewhere, think that is the only way we will tell you apart now you are weighing the same. Hope your new nurse is as lovely as the one who is going away for a while too. Hope you have a quiet night and are good boys for the dr & nurses. Sending big hugs to you both xxxxx


  2. You are both very brave babies and you are getting bigger and stronger by the day im sending you both hugs n xxxxxs


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