F Word – February!

So the frustration continues and just when things are looking up they turn again. 

Nannie Newbs half term was the week before a Daddy’s and so she came to spend the day with us on the Monday. We were supposed to go for a scan at the children’s hospital for Rory but he wasn’t well enough and mummy cancelled it. πŸ˜” Nannie did some crafts and then she bathed Austin whilst Aunty Chloe did Rorys Trachy cares for the first time. Aunty Vicky did then the weekend before and since mummy did the training everyone seems to be more knowledgeable and confident to have a go. 

On Monday we played with our sensory box….

& uncle Craig visited.

On Tuesday it was Valentine’s Day. We had already made cards for Daddy, the nurses at Sheffield, Big Sister Beau and our friend Katie. 

We got one back from Katie & an anonymous one through the post. Mummy and Nannie looked a little bit guilty when mummy was opening it so I think we might be Nannie Di’s secret crush. ☺️

Mummy bought daddy an apology pad and a couples quiz and that night he and mummy sat down to challenge each other and work out who the brains were. Think mummy was just glad to use her brains. Daddy told mummy the night before that he hadn’t bought her a card yet and mummy insisted that he made her one because she wanted him home sooner rather than later and so he made it after school club with the help of the kids and all of the women daddy works with. He was pleased with himself because it was pop-up. Who says romance is dead hey?! 

We had candle lit lunch too….

And lots of kisses off mummy, except because she doesn’t wear much make-up, she doesn’t own lipstick and so she had to cut lip shapes out of sponge and use red pint. It was fun. 

Victoria  and april visited us and at night mummy and daddy ordered a new bed. They have shared their night shifts on the sofa bed in our room and so decided they would have a comfy new bed and then the 4 hours kip they get a night will be luxurious! 

Mummys teaching assistant friend from her last school visited with her daughter, it was such a fab day. We had pizza and cake and lots of fun….they even brought emergency matchsticks for mummys eyes. 

Rory fell asleep on Emily and daddy got home just in time as they were leaving.

We had FaceTime with Big Jonny in Oz and then went on our first proper date with Nannie H & mummy. Mummy dressed us in a shirt and in true boy style, one of us vommed and we had to get changed.  

We had a lovely day with Kerry, Tim & Jonah at Rother Valley, Beau loved it too. 

We had two lovely afternoons in the park with our favourite twin friends Noah & Ethan. They taught us how much fun it was to feed ducks, go in the swings, bury our hats when mummy isn’t looking and jump in muddy puddles….

We had a photoshoot too, but that was exhausting so mummy will blog another time about that one. 

Mummy and daddy were really enjoying our half term family time, especially as we were doing really well. Mummy was enjoying sharing the workload and daddy enjoying seeing more of us because he isn’t at work and BG…..Daddy wakes up Tuesday feeling really poorly, the Dr tells him he has severe tonsillitis and he spends the rest of half term in bed, kept separate so that we didn’t get it. Mummy had to give up her 4 hour kip and care for Rory around the clock for a few days before Daddy’s antibiotics kicked in and he could share the load a little. 

The good thing is though that we eat normal food now so it is much easier, we have dropped a bottle feed as well and some mummy has less of a battle at feed time. Although it took her and daddy a whil to cope with the mess. Here are some of our February finger food feeds….

Beau is our best friend at feed times. Although Beau has been unwell too. The vet wasn’t sure if If it wAs the new tablets that beau has to control her fits that were affecting her kidney and liver function and we had all noticed her legs weren’t as strong as they had been. Mummy and daddy were very sad about this. Mummy took her to the vets for a full blood test and she goes again on Friday. 

So mummy had lots on caring for us and a poorly daddy and Beau. We had a few days at home playing…..

Auntie Vic & uncle nath bought their first home and we went for a quick visit before the work started and it was dusty. 

 Auntie Chloe, Auntie Vicky, Auntie Mandy, Nannie & Grandad all practised doing Rorys Trachy cares at bath time. They all did really well. Mummys heart bursts when she thinks how lucky she is to have so many people willing to have a go at training. 
Nannie hardy even managed her first tube change. It is a really scary thing to do because you are taking out the breathing tube to put a new one in and it’s the pressure of being able to get the new one in, Rory needs it to breathe, it’s so intense even when you have done it lots of times. Nannies hands were shaking but the nurse observing said she did really well. 
Mummy managed to squeeze in a massage with mummys friend Donna (pamper and polish) and her hair done at cousin Richard & Kylies new salon (luxe Barnsley) courtesy of family and friends surprising her in her hour of need. ☺️

Rory even chipped in with 14 hours kip in his cot with only 10-15 suctions during his sleep. Shame he’s a twin and Austin likes mummy cuddles. πŸ™„

Nothing could prepare mummy (& daddy) for the next bomb to be dropped though. Mummy took Rory for a routine scan at the children’s hospital.  The sonographer couldn’t seem to find what he was looking for and called for back up. All the while Rory is lay really still and mummy doing her best to entertain him and look like she is totally cool with all of the professionals coming in and out. Even though she was actually riddled with worry. She just knew something was wrong. The sonographer noticed that Rory only has one kidney. He couldn’t find his left one. Mummy was shocked, as was daddy when she told him. Mummys first thoughts were that Austin will have two and so between them they have a spare but then she wondered if Austin had 3 because at all of the scans when we were in mummys tummy, the sonographer counted 4. It’s a mystery. We will know more at the next appointment. 

The end of half term came and mummy and daddy decided that as it was a fine day, we were really well and it was inset day at daddy’s school, we should visit. So mummy bought lots of goodies for daddy’s team and off we went. It’s the first time we have met any of daddies work friends. It was fun.

Mummys friend Liz visited with baby Joseph. He is really cute. We all had a lovely day playing at home. We can’t wait for the next one. 
A while ago mummy decided that she wanted a new challenge as despite being super busy she was missing work, so she offered herself as a charity champion with Jessops to help them organise their annoys, buggy push event. Mummy then realised that along with organising our baptism, birthday party, the local mates of Milton gala and keeping us alive…..she perhaps didn’t have time. So….she signed us up to take part with mummys friend Laura and her little girl G. She then created a just giving page to help raise funds http://www.justgiving.com/austinandrory and couldn’t believe it when we had raised almost Β£500 in 24 hours. 

Jessops emailed to say they had noticed and wanted to thank mummy and she hit into conversation with the lady who then persuaded mummy to get involved….so mummy will also be selling raffle tickets, putting buckets and money pots in local pubs, takeaways etc, as well as trying to sign people up to the buggy push. It’s going to be a busy few months!

Here are some more pics from Feb…

It’s been a tough one! 

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