🎢 can’t stop us now, the world is waiting….we’re gonna make you proud 🎢


I (Austin) couldn’t wait for mummy and daddy to arrive today. I know that Rory has always been stronger than me because he wasnt as poorly and I’ve been trying really hard to catch up. I remember how proud mummy and daddy were when Rory made it onto high flow and I know how much it means to mummy because she hates seeing my face all swollen and sore from the CPAP hat, so when the Drs decided to try me on high flow 5 this morning and they took off my hat and my pipes, I was so proud of my little self, I was bursting with excitement for mummy and daddy to come.

My incubator started flashing from the door intercom alarm next to me and the nurse answered…it was mummy and daddy, so I snuggled up really cute and waited patiently. As soon as they walked into our room, mummy pulled up the incubator cover and instantly got shiny eyes….she shouted at daddy to look, they both peered into my incubator, looking at each others shiny eyes with pride and at the nurse for reassurance. I couldn’t help but smile inside – I knew I could do it!

Mummy and daddy decided to leave me in today so that I could give it my best shot. They did however get Rory out for cuddles. He was a little bit poorly though, pale and lifeless compared to usual, they had quick cuddles before the Dr arrived…

Rory’s machine kept beeping and mummy and daddy couldn’t stop it, they tried moving his head to open the airways and everything, so mummy decided to try and move the probe in case it wasn’t picking up properly….daddy jokes that mummy thinks she’s a nurse now…but it worked!

Daddy took this picture to try and show how small we are, even though we are huge now compared to when we were born. 

My nappy needed changing whilst mummy was cuddling Rory and so daddy had to change it. He’s only done wet nappies before and so this was a challenge, I could tell he was nervous. Mummy talked him through it step by step and he did a fab job. πŸ‘πŸ»

The Dr came and took bloods from Rory and examined him. She examined me too whilst she was here as the nurse noticed I was quite swollen in my tummy and groin. The Dr said it could be a hernia and that they will monitor it and I may need an operation to fix it, but I might not. Daddy told me not to worry.

Mummy and daddy made sure we were settled…mummy couldn’t stop taking pictures of me…

After mummy and daddy left, the blood results came back for Rory, they tried to call mummy but she didn’t answer. That is very unusual because mummy lives by the phone just in case but she was preoccupied because our lovely neighbours came round with a really cool present for us (our first baby toy) and daddy was mowing the lawns which was very noisy. 

Mummy rang back in a panic but the nurse explained that Rory just needed another blood transfusion. Mummy wasn’t too panicked about this because we have had lots before and it means that Rory will be much better tomorrow and if I’m still doing a good job on my High flow we can both have a cuddle together without all the big noisy Cpap pipes!


2 Replies to “🎢 can’t stop us now, the world is waiting….we’re gonna make you proud 🎢”

  1. All now really good news. Hope things continue now getting even better. Let’s hope the worst of your worries are now over and that the boys will continue to settle as they continue on their journey home.
    T & S.


  2. How exciting for you Austin to be on high flow 5, I really hope you cope with it, it must feel so much better removing all the extra pipes. Mummy & Daddy are so proud of you. You can have extra cuddles tomorrow for being so brave. I bet Rory is pleased for you too, even though he wasn’t feeling well himself, I really do hope he feels better tomorrow after his blood transfusion. Your pictures are beautiful as always it is lovely to see your progress in pictures. Let’s hope Austin doesn’t have to endure an operation now he has come this far, you are both strong little solders so keep fighting. Sending my hugs to you & hope you have a settled night xxxxx


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