Coronavirus – our perspective!

For the past week we have chosen to ‘self-isolate’ as much as we can as to try and keep Rory as well as possible pending his planned surgery yesterday.

Not because of Coronavirus, but because any cold or flu virus can have serious impact on Austin and Rory, and that is why for their first two Winters, September to March, we did exactly that; self-isolated. We had to. It was medical advice. We were always given a side room and never expected to wait in waiting rooms, weren’t allowed to baby groups, childcare settings, public transport or soft play.  We had limited visitors and were extremely strict on hand-washing and anti-bacterial cleansing of absolutely everything.

Yesterday, despite presenting at the hospital at 7:45am with possibly THE BEST version of Rory ever to be seen at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, his surgery was cancelled because his consultant wasn’t well enough to work.

Yes we were deflated and disappointed but as superhuman as Rory’s consultant is, he is exactly that HUMAN. We fully respected his decision to cancel and reschedule as opposed to allowing any of his colleagues to do it in his absence, which was something as parents we weren’t sure we could consent to anyway, having such trust for our consultant who has been with us since the beginning.

Not long after we had arrived home from the hospital, we were notified by school that there was an unconfirmed case of Coronavirus and having taken advice from this point forward, we have decided to continue to live in our own bubble as much as we can and go back to those days where our contact with the outside world is minimum.

I’m a risk averse person, I always manage the risks and weigh up with logic and common sense, the best way forward. For a long time now we haven’t hid from bugs and we have relaxed a lot and tried to live as normally as possible. Even when the Coronavirus arrived, we continued as normal. Until now.

Some may say we are overreacting but if you look at the facts, we have two children with history of compromised immunity, poor respiratory health, extreme vulnerability of the airway with regards to Rory’s tracheostomy and hopefully we are facing major airway surgery very soon. Of course I would choose to lessen the risk as much as I can, not only of any of us contracting the virus, but of spoiling any chances of Rory’s airway surgery going ahead.

The situation at the hospital is out of my control, and we don’t know where coronavirus will take us next, but if I can ensure that as a family we are the healthiest we can be, then we can’t do any more than that.

I have spoken with other school mums at length whom were uncertain about sending their children, some who are keeping them home, some who think we are being dramatic keeping them off and I think it is important to remember that everyone’s personal circumstances are different and every decision should be respected. Had I got two healthy children and no impending surgery coming up then I would be sending A&R as normal, but unfortunately for us, that isn’t the case.

The boys will stay off nursery until Rory’s next surgery which is planned for the 25th March and make a decision after that. This is fully supported by both nursery settings.

We will limit visitors to our home to immediate family only and our immediate family will take the necessary precautions that we are.

The boys won’t be attending any parties, soft play, places with lots of people.

Ash will continue to work, but measures are put in place (like they have always been) that ensures he can maintain a high level of health and hygiene.

We have booked a ‘getaway’ where we can hide away from the masses and enjoy lots of outdoor activities together as a family; welly walks, beach days and bike rides.

The bottom line is this…our boys are vulnerable and Rory is facing surgery in the next few weeks and possible major airway surgery in coming months. For us, there is nothing more prevalent than that fact.

See you on the other side!


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