Please keep your children seated…

Yesterday we went to Kirklees Light Railway and we had a lovely day, I felt that we needed to blog about it.

We have been before, quite a few times and it never disappoints, we have been in wind, rain and sunshine and still had a great time. I’ll be honest when I say that there have been several times over the winter period when it has been closed when we really wanted to go and only on looking at their facebook page, remembered that it wasn’t open and so it is no surprise that we found ourselves there on the opening weekend. Here’s why; it really is an easy, enjoyable hour or day out, it’s local-ish, it is flexible and its great value for money.

We park (for free) at Clayton West and get our tickets from the office; £26.00 for a family ticket and can be used as many times as you wish that day.

There is a great play area at Clayton West, a miniature railway and a cafe as well as the obligatory gift shop.

There’s plenty to see and it’s great fun for the kids. Austin & Rory love spotting the trains. We did a Thomas weekend too last year and that was extra, it really was but Austin will still believe that Mavis is Mavis even when its not, or that the blue train is Thomas, because its blue and so we choose to go on the less busier days.

We board the train and it takes 25 minutes to get to Shelley, passing bridges, tunnels and other trains. We spot cows, sheep and horses from the window and for us, we enjoy a contained 25 minutes with the children being entertained. We sometimes take snacks with us and they will enjoy a nibble.

At the other end, we were surprised to see that the playground has had a FULL refurbishment. There is also a marquee which had a large connect 4 and a train set to play with, which now has two wooden kitchens.

There is a small cafe and  toilets at this end and often they have BBQs, a bouncing castle and story telling etc in the little room by the turning circle.

It was very windy so we enjoyed 15 minutes on the new play area before getting the train back and having lunch in the cafe, which is great for the little ones with train sets chugging away above you and a little toy area in the corner. Train themed of course.

We played some more on the big play area at Clayton West and rode on the miniature railway (£1 each) before heading to the gift shop and home.

We like it here because for £26.00 we can spend the day here, or we can just come for a couple of hours. It can be what you want it to be.

It’s effortless and it’s safe. There’s plenty to see and do. Everything is child-sized.

If you haven’t been before, get yourself down (or up) to Kirkless Light Railway. There is just something that lifts your soul seeing all of those little faces waving at the window, excited to be on board their heroes.

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