#perfectchristmas 2019

If you have followed our blog for a while, you will have seen or heard this hashtag before.


It is a tongue in cheek hashtag that we have shared with our friends over at Team Jebson, who like us, have been trying to have those Christmas moments over the past few years where we have instead been stuck in hospital or unable to do those ‘christmas’ things that everyone else is so ‘perfectly posing for’ all over social media. And that is why we have a #perfectchristmas because we are trying, but those festive feelings are secondary to being at our wits end with health worries and being bogged down with the day to day extras that we have to carry on our load.

The past two weeks have been a struggle as one after the other, we have all been poorly. Mummy and Daddy are just on their way out of it now. Everyone is on their knees. In our house there are no decorations, no elves, no presents and in fact only chocolate advents that were either gifted by Nannie or able to grab easily from the secret christmas stash building in the study.

We aren’t really feeling it yet, and that’s after visiting the Winter Wonderland at Center Parcs. Which also turned out to be #perfectchristmas because Austin, Daddy and then Mummy were unwell, Mummy spent one day in bed, nobody ate right, we had a few poo episodes from Austin, Lucy & Frankie joined us – a gift from us to them in the hope of helping them to build memories with their first #perfectchristmas since Ben left for the stars in the sky and even Frankie joined in with the poo-gate dramas…..there were lots of fun bits though…honest!

Rory enjoyed the chocolate coin given to us on check-in. They both enjoyed exploring our lodge.

They enjoyed trike adventures in the dark with the singing reindeer and the snow and the lights.

They enjoyed sharing a room with Mummy & Daddy, we took one twin each, and enjoyed lots of stories and snuggles.

We enjoyed breakfast with the animals every morning. We enjoyed feeding them too.

We looked forward to going out for more trike adventures, even in the rain.

We did soft play.

We did the Elves Christmas Party, took part in the party games. Rory was disappointed that the snack was a rich tea biscuit and water, pushing it away, yet taking liberty when he won a sweetie, by grabbing a handful.

We visited the wonderland in the forest and had a festive carriage ride.

Together we played in the play park and the arcade.

We spent lots of time in the lodge when we weren’t feeling well, cutting things, colouring in, sticker books and of course TV. They liked the novelty of having a big TV.

We went swimming, Rory wasn’t too bothered the first time, but the second time was at night, and he really enjoyed the calm atmosphere and the nights sky above us, it was a really special time, especially swimming outside in the dark with the twinkly lights. Frankie and Lucy (& bump) came too. Austin and frankie went on the water slides.

We enjoyed having little Frankie-pops with us at the end of our stay and we are so glad we managed to hold it together so that they could grab those #perfectchristmas memories too.

We went to see Santa, Frankie was a little apprehensive. Once Rory had calmed down from his rage because he didn’t want to queue, he sat in the corner and watched as Austin chatted away to Santa, Rory helped himself to chocolate coins from Santa and Austin introduced everyone, told santa he wanted lots of ‘choo choo’s’ and off we went with a present and a picture.

We booked Frankie a pony ride from Santa and eventually, she jumped on (with no helmet as she changed her mind once she saw herself in it) and we wandered back to the pony shed with her before playing again whilst it was dry.

We all had an afternoon nap before swimming again.

We had pizza for tea and tucked up ready for our last day, once we had all packed up and had breakfast, we went bowling…which nobody had the stamina to finish and we left half way through the game.

All in all, lots of lovely memories of being in the forest in the winter wonderland, lots of firsts, but it was a slog. A hard slog. A&R didn’t get the best of us, they got the worn down, tired version of us. We didn’t do all of the things we had planned, we spent far too much time inside. But, if we are honest, booking a holiday this time of year was a huge risk and the fact that we were able to make it and actually that Rory was in perfect health, is a win.

When we came home, we managed the light switch on too, which was also #perfectchristmas as Mummy had been snoozing on the sofa feeling poorly until 10 minutes before, she dragged herself there for half an hour, so the boys could see Santa, who they didn’t care for, because they too were grumpy and worn out and just needed to sleep in their own bed and get back into routine for nursery. It was also very cold.

Rory enjoyed watching and listening to the brass band and dancing with Daddy, he also spied a basket of chocolate that he kept helping himself to, and chuckling away. Austin enjoyed wandering round with ‘my Di’ and they both enjoyed the snow.

There all memories aren’t they!


Pictures are uploaded to our Facebook page, you can find them there.

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