Much of a muchness!

Another week has passed, it’s been much of a muchness. A bit of a blur.

Wednesday 2nd October

Erin came to play with Mummy & Daddy whilst we were at nursery. We know because our toys had been played with.

Austin learned that he could reach the house phone via his chair and rang Nannie Di.

Thursday 3rd October

We managed a lovely full day at nursery. No drama.

Friday 4th october

Austin had the Friday feeling.

Mummy managed a facial and back massage at Iris Beauty, it was so relaxing that she fell asleep at least once and woke herself up snoring, or heavy breathing as the therapist so kindly put it. It’s difficult booking things in advance because Mummy never knows where we will be with nursery, if there will be an emergency etc, and so she books on the day last minute appointments when she gets a feel for the day. Her appointment was 1:10 – 2:10pm, and after booking it learned that we needed to be picked up from nursery early at 2:30pm, the appointment ran over by 10 minutes and Mummy couldn’t relax with the eye pads on because she kept peeking at the time to check she wasn’t going to be late.

Saturday 5th october

Saturday we went to Auntie Mandy’s house and saw Auntie Chloe and baby Nellie too. Austin was smitten with baby Nellie and Mummy enjoyed feeding her and having lots of cuddles whilst we played.

We had a chilled day and went to Costa to see where the walking gingerbread live. We always get ‘a ginger’ from the drive-thru, but Mummy decided to take us in. Austin was running round excited, and Mummy entertained us with blowing the cardboard packet over, we are trying to teach Rory to mouth breathe and so as daft as it sounds, it was a learning activity too.

Rory found his shadow and played with it for ages checking it was following him and touching it on the wall.

Sunday 6th october

Nannie Newborough and Grandad Malc came to visit, she bought us some drawing boards from Ebay that we had seen on the internet but it needed to be dark to try them.

We chilled all day in our PJS, Mummy made a beef dinner and we popped our wellies and coat on and went to the park.

This is where it got a bit crazy! Austinw as jumping around in the puddles and all of his PJ bottoms got wet, so he decided to pull his trousers down, and then whilst Mummy and Daddy rolled around the park howling with laughter, decided to take them off completely and continue to jump in puddles in his pull-ups.Monday 7th October

Austin had a rubbish night, waking up, upset and poorly and so Mummy decided to keep him home and send Rory (for the first time ever) to nursery on his own. Rory had a great day and barely even noticed Austin was missing and Austin enjoyed cuddling up at home and chilling all day with Mummy all to himself, not having to ‘play up’ for attention. He even came to pick up Rory in his PJS at home time.

Tuesday 8th October

Both boys went to nursery today. A full day. Everything went well.

After nursery, we baked buns and Austin insisted on taking some to Nannie Di, Grandad and Great Grandma Jean. We took some to Uncle Calum for his birthday too.

Nannie Di gave us some halloween torches and dinosaur accessories and I absolutely bossed it!

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