No Blow!

And just like that, another disappointment. Another dashed hope. Another dead end.

You may have remembered me writing about the conversation we had with a speech and language therapist at the hospital when we went to see Ravi. Well, from that conversation, we were offered a trial for Rory to have a speaking valve.

We were under no illusion that this was going to be a ‘one-step miracle’ and knew that Rory would have to tolerate the change in breathing, build up to being able to wear it and learn to breathe whilst wearing it but we hoped that he would get there evenutally, and maybe he will.

Unfortunately that opportunity won’t start today, Rory’s trial lasted all of 3 seconds, with 2 very small attempts with the valve. The first, he took off himself, maybe because it was new and he was curious, maybe because of the different sensation, who knows. The second time he didn’t do anything, like literally, he didn’t breathe. He just paused. And the specialist nurse took it straight off, and he breathed again.

It wasn’t meant to be. If we had never had that conversation, we would never have tried and so at least we know that it wasn’t a missed opportunity.


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