September Sucks!


September has been a difficult month all round but we have made the most of those snippets of good times too. The first half of the month is here So no-one told you life was gonna be this way

Our main aim for this month was to settle the boys into nursery and well – some days I feel like it is going better than expected and other days, it is far from ideal, but when teamed with 3 seperate colds, lots of suctioning and sleepless nights, routine all over the place too…it is to be expected.

Second half of September in Seven;

  1. Lack of sleep. Lots more all nighters, sleepless nights, sleep shifts, suctioning through the night. Everybody in the wrong bed, lots of cuddles, lots of love but not a lot of rest going on.
  2. Flowers. A surprise bunch delivered from blog reader (Hi Rach) and fellow trachy mum. When you know, you know. Also, a lovely bunch of sunflowers from Claire, Rory’s nurse who came for tea last week and surprised me. Again – when you know, you know. It is impossible to appreciate the level of care required for a child like Rory through the rain and the damp weather, and even more so when he is unwell but it just goes to show that those who have an insight into our world, can truly appreciate the toll it takes and so thankyou for making my days a bit brighter. And to my Bro for bringing me chocolate too. Ironically it is a year since I was sent flowers from another Mummy (also called Rachel) who send a similar message on the card and it just reminds me that this time of year is tough.
  3. Living for the Weekend. We visited Wigfield Farm to see the pigs to support Rory with his reading homework, we went to Elsecar Heritage Railway to watch the steamies for Austin who loves a ‘choo choo train’ at the minute. We called at the park and the skate park to let off some of our own steam between the rain showers and we went to Wentworth for homemade gingerbread and an ice cream from Montys. We even managed to squeeze in a trip to the funfair whilst it was local.
  4. Kixx. We suspended out Kixx membership for A&R because we were missing more than we were managing to attend due to weekend plans, appointments, illness and so we decided to take a break. Kixx however, do a short session in nursery and so we booked Austin on. He absolutely loved it. Coach Nath told me that he did absolutely everything that was asked of him, joined in and participated and Austin told me that he scored 3 goals. Then he told Grandad is was 4. Then he told Daddy is was 5.
  5. Rewards. Austin had a cracking week last week, taking home Buster Bear on Monday from Pre-School and then Mellissa Monkey from nursery on Friday. He was so excited and proud to have been chosen. Then today he was proud that Rory had got Buster Bear. I on the other hand can’t decide if this is genuinely because of good behaviour or because Austin is a class clown and needs all of the positive praise and rewards available to reign him in or that they got to the bottom of the list 🙈

  6. Nursery Transition. I don’t know which way its going to go from one day to another. I think they made the transition to no-nap and full day at nursery quite well. I’m really proud of that. AND actually they have taken to the new nursery really well, aside from the one meltdown that Rory had on Thursday last week where it took me 2.5 hours to get him through the door. Austin will swing between one setting and another, but has really started to cling to me or Ash at the old setting, and we have wondered if it is because a lot of his friends from last year have now moved up into school. He seems to have some anxiety or some game to play where he clings and cries and doesn’t want us to leave him, which is difficult. We don’t have that with him at the new setting. Either way, I find myself feeling anxious about which way it is going to go. with each of them, in each setting. So many variables. I don’t doubt for a second on whether or not I did the right thing sharing their time, it is good for them. The settings are so different as well, and of course the long game is to transition to the new school. Daddy being his own boss worked a treat as he now starts work later to come on the school run. This has helped hugely, on Friday and today, the boys went in perfectly, with me toddling behind like a spare part. They are both Daddy’s boys. The anxiety is not only about getting them there but about leaving them there, especially as we have only managed 6 full days so far and tomorrow is October. My phone is glued to me, I daren’t go to the gym, swimming, shopping….I feel like i need to be close by at all times. So much for ‘all that time you will have for yourself in September’ i’m a nervous wreck all of the time.
  7. Showtime. We had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday morning we had no plans, and then I saw that Toy Story 4 was showing on Movies for Juniors at Cineworld and so we booked and off we went. The boys were in awe of all of the lights and the big space, we got in and found our seats, which had a huge space in front of us, which just made for space to mess around out of our seats, so we moved back one and luckily nobody had booked them. Phew. The boys sat for an hour and 20 minutes with lots of snacks and encouragement but we left, having not seen the film, because a good 30 minutes of that was adverts and waiting at the beginning. Had we gone in straight for the film starting, they would have just about made it to the end, which would have been a great achievement. They did well though all the same. It was great to see Rory paying an interest and Austin dancing to ‘you’ve got a friend in me’ and shouting ‘Beau’ and Woody’ and ‘buzz’. Saturday night we looked to book for Milkshake LIVE but there weren’t enough seats available together and so we looked at Dear Zoo instead. We had spoken about booking this for Frankies birthday but for obvious reasons, everything this time of year has to be booked last minute because most things get cancelled. But….we booked it, and the following morning, we went. It was fun. Both boys love the Dear Zoo book and the performance at just under an hour long, was perfect. It was interactive with dancing, singing, counting. Frankie was a little scared of the big lion when he roared, but she soon settled down, jumping around witht he frog who was too jumpy and singing along. It was so nice to see Rory engaged too and i’m almost certain he tried to wave 3 times, to say bye to the characters as they went off stage.

As I turn the page in the diary to start October, the quote says ‘amazing things will happen’ and as Rory has an appointment tomorrow which could be something special, we are crossing our fingers and our toes and hoping that October could be the start of something magic!

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