New chapter

Today was a very difficult day for reasons I will blog about when I’m ready, but aside from that it would be criminal not to share this very moment. Austin & Rory’s first visit to their new nursery.

It was very strange seeing them in green uniform as opposed to red!

We only visited for an hour but the environment was so calm and Rory really responded to that. He kept grinning with excitement.

I think Austin missed the buzz of his busy pre-school environment but equally he ran straight in with Rory, didn’t look back. He got stuck straight in with toy trains and toy cars.

Rory explored the reading area and enjoyed sitting on the little sofa, he made a new friend and Lexa and Skylah who we know already were playing with A&R too.

I had a moment and shed a tear when I saw them both sat side by side with their new nursery friend, sharing a story.

I was really proud watching Austin sat on the carpet joining in with the phonics sounds and seeingRory settled and happy. Even if he was just exploring and doing his own thing.

The boys got a reading packet with a journal and they swap their books on Thursdays and there are comprehension activities to do.

Here’s to the next chapter.

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