September Ready…

We have had a cracking Summer with the boys, I won’t lie, i’m disappointed we didn’t crack potty training, or the picture exchange communication system, but you know what they say,

‘Reach for the moon and if you fail, you will land amongst the stars.’

And so with that in mind, we still made massive massive steps and I am still really proud of all of us. Maybe I expect too much. Maybe, the timing was wrong because on the two weeks that Ash took time off work so that we could focus on potty training and PECS, the boys were poorly. I suppose i’m glad Ash was home to help nurse them better, than them have been unwell when he was at work. Albeit at the expense of cracking those two aims. You can’t win them all.

But hey, we’ve had wee’s and poo’s on the potty. We just need to find some time again to give it another push. And Rory’s communication and interaction has come on – tenfold. Even if he isn’t giving me a picture, he is still telling me what he wants more and more.

I’ve had a bit of a head fog the past few days. My precious little men who I never dared to dream would ever be entering full time mainstream education, are doing just that. Tomorrow. But instead of ironing uniform and getting teary eyed, i’m running round like a headless chicken, going over and over care plans, risk assessments, checking DBS paperwork, organising medical equipment for nursery and checking it twice. I’m texting Jaime, Rory’s new PA, trying to be a good ’employer’ and check she is feeling ok about her first day tomorrow. Which of course she is, all excited and ready to go. She is going to be fab. I know she can handle the big deal, she has done it. She was in charge of the worst tube change Rory has ever had. She managed. She kept him safe. She has been working her way through the Joanne Jones training too and is eager to get to know all about Rory. I don’t need to worry about that element. Its just a little bit sad that I won’t be sharing in the same emotions as most parents tomorrow, my emotions, my thoughts, my anxieties will be completely different.

But hey…..lets put it into perspective. How fan-bloody-tastic that my 2lb, 26 week babies, who survived against the odds, are going to nursery, full time. It has been a fight, a battle, but i’m so proud of them, of us. I’m so relieved that we made it thus far. I’m so relieved that we managed to get the PA in place in time for this day.

Monday 2nd September 2019!

And so on that note, i’m going to write down some bits below that I can look back on in memory, for me, for the boys, because buying for twins, who will attend two nurseries with two different uniforms is a bit ridiculous! Especially when they always come home in a change of clothes (messy boys)!

A&R Uniform Checklist

12 red sweatshirts TU @ Sainsburys

8 green sweatshirts TU @ Sainsburys

12 red polo t-shirts TU @ Sainsburys

8 green polo t-shirts TU @ Sainsburys

20 white polo t-shirts TU @ sainsburys

20 grey trousers M&S, Matalan & TU @ Sainsburys.

10 pairs of socks TU @ Sainsburys

2 pairs of green wellies TU @ Sainsburys

2 pairs of red wellies Mothercare

2 pairs of black shoes (which are the exact same shoe as last year but a size bigger) Clarkes

We are using last years school bag which we got printed at Forever Sewing because they are perfect size and in fab condition.

We bought pack-a-macs from TU @ Sainsburys and got them printed to match at Flox Creative.

We bought all-in-one waterproof suits from Amazon with their names on.

We bought Lunch bags from Ebay, with bottles to match from Asda and had them printed with their name on at Flox Creative.

We had a home-school book designed and printed at HR MEX, Mexborough so that we have a means of communication between both nursery settings, home and the PA. Somewhere also for the PA to write medical notes.   The lady was so accommodating and patient. Fully reccomend them.

We had uniform printed for Jaime and Claire at Flox Creative too.

I think we are all ready to go!

That is providing the boys are willing to get dressed in their uniform with their shoes on, after 6 weeks without it.

Hello September!




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