Summer 2019 – Day 42

This morning we had a lazy morning playing in the play room. Rory’s play has developed massively over the past 6 weeks, he will role play, pushing the baby around in the pram, taking the baby out, putting the baby in. Making cups of tea in the kitchen. He will play with the cars and the fire engine and the trains, wheeling them around on the track, putting the characters in and out. He will play with Austin and with Mummy and Daddy and enjoy the interaction, the turn taking. All really exciting milestones for Rory.

He loves throwing the ball back and forth, up and down steps. Playing catch with the beach ball.

Austinhas started to draw a picture and tell you what it is too.

We went on adventure to the shops, including Tesco…

And then we went swimming. Swimming is difficult for Rory, because he can’t be around water as it is a danger but mummy and daddy choose to manage that risk and give him opportunity and so we have been hiring private pools trying to find a suitable one to hire on a regular basis allowing both Austin and Rory to become familiar with the water so that when the time comes, and Rory’s tube comes out, we can hit the ground running and it won’t be a fear. Because as we get older we fear things more and it would be a much bigger deal.

We decided to hire the local pool at our leisure centre, because we spotted on social media that it is stepped and so Rory would be able to stand on the first section and it would give him a bit more independence rather than being held all of the time to keep him safe. We had a 30 minute private lesson and the lady was so lovely. Even the lady on reception who signed us in at the beginning, she knew about us, had read our blog and followed us on Facebook. It was so nice to be able to go somewhere and not have to explain everything and just being treated like everyone else but with consideration for the ‘extra’ without having to ask. It was lovely.

We stood on the baclony for 10 minutes and Rory was watching everyone in the water, concentrating. It is the longest Mummy has known him focus on something like that. He couldn’t wait to get in. Mummy couldn’t help but get shiny eyes when he was wading through the water holding her hand, smiling so wide. It was so so worth it.

Tonight Daddy got angry. Sad / angry. He says that sometimes it really gets to him when people seem to reach milestones so easily, and naturally and that everyone is enjoying their family holidays and that a 30 minute swimming lesson is the hardest thing in the world, it actually is life or death, and its so unfair. But the thing is, we appreciated that opportunity, the boys got so much from that 30 minutes, that it doesn’t matter. And our time will come.

We went for lunch after swimming and called at the park before getting ready for sleepover at Nannie & Grandads house.

Mummy & Daddy dropped us off at 6pm, and they set off on their mission to complete hundreds of jobs before picking us up at 8am tomorrow morning. Everyone says that they need to spend time together and learn to relax but their child-free time is so little and often, and every single day is about us, so its difficult to keep on top of things. It is about getting things in order and a good nights sleep.

Mummy & Daddy did the food shop, cleaned and hoovered the car, stripped the beds, washed the bedding and made the beds again. Bleached the bathroom and scrubbed the bathroom tiles with the brush. They cleaned the house from top to bottom, cleaned the carpets and finished our bedroom before sitting down at 9pm for cheese and crackers, a cup of tea and a relatively early night.

We love our new bedroom, our big boys bed with the remote controlled mood lighting.


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