Summer 2019 – Day 41

Today we went on an adventure with Mummy and Daddy, but whilst we were getting ready this morning, something awesome happened, something that Mummy and Daddy are excited about. For the first time every Rory showed concern for another persons feelings. He stood on Daddys legs and it hurt Daddy, Daddy yelled ‘ouch’ Rory ran off and then came back. When he came back, he looked at Daddys leg and Daddys face and looked concerned. Daddy told him that he shouldn’t do that, Rory shook his head, a communication exchange happened right there. We have noticed so many big changes with Rory recently. I don’t think you would appreciate them, unless you know him like we do.

We went on an adventure to a park, right at the other side of Sheffield. It had a huge adventure play area, with big slides that made Rory so excited. It had jumping spots that we enjoyed too and swings and musical instruments. We had a great time. We went for a walk around the park and for the first time ever Mummy and Daddy could let us walk ahead of them without holding our hands and we were safe and mummy and daddy could relax because Rory was doing good walking. We had a run around a big field and we sang ‘Grand Old Duke of York’ as we marched up and down a hill. It was great.

We got back in the car and ended up at Pizza Hut for lunch. Rory ate his body weight in garlic bread and apple and then ice cream. I just ate the Tortilla chips from the salad buffet.

We went home and then to The Groom Room with Jane again to get our hair cut. We were so good, Mummy was extremely proud and so we went to the toy shop afterwards.

Rory took a real interest in the toys whereas he usually just likes to run at speed up and down the aisles. Its really nice because we are starting to play together and laugh together and become the best of friends.

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