Summer 2019 – Day 37

Cortonwood to order more school shoes from Clarke’s. We didn’t like the new version of the Oasis City Hi design and so we returned it and asked to search stock of last years version. Reduced from £38 to £36 (every little helps 🤣) we recorded the same as last year but in the next size.

McDonalds for lunch (shocker) but they are it which made for relief after a week of not eating much.

Chilling at home with the fan on in the ridiculous heat whilst Mummy and Daddy attempt to work down the long list of to-do’s.

They blinked and found Austin like this 🙈

Ian came from Valley Professional Dog Grooming to give Beau a good trim. This was her half way through, like a lion 🤣

We played in the garden for an hour and we were in bed early because we didn’t nap. Maybe now we are feeling better and well enough to stamp out that nap again. 🤞🏼

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